Why are video games about war so hugely successful, when movies about war fail to attract sizable audiences in theaters?

NY Times examines the topic – HERE


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Heartbreaking to see young men wounded so severely while serving our country.

Angel Barcenas and William Gibson of the Marines wish each other good luck prior to their 1,500 Meter run during the 2010 Warrior Games for wounded soldiers on Friday 05/14/10 at U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Full set of photos – HERE

More info on this year’s event – HERE

This was the first year that the games were held, but as the article above says, they are already planning on holding it again next year.

I’m glad to see these guys aren’t letting their injuries ruin their competitive spirit, camaraderie,  and zest for life.

Pretty interesting to see in some of the pictures, how far prosthetic limb technology has come.


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Can you imagine how awesome this will be for video games once it gets more refined?

Using it on a regular flat wall does not seem ideal because of image distortion.  That would be an easy fix though.

More on Microvision Pico Projectors – HERE

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