Wtf 🤣?  I had no idea it was that real in Tacoma:

Very interesting story worth watching.  They should totally make a movie based off this.  They wouldn’t even have to take any creative licenses, it’s so bizarre on its own.


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Draco with the beam ⛽️🅰️🆖:

I think we’ve established already that rap isn’t what it used to be.  I’m not old, crusty, and fat enough (yet) to not like this modern stuff, but I’m sure that time will come.  The old and crusty part that is.

Thoughts?  I know some of you cool teens will be adding this to your playlist.  Others will be logging off and never visiting this website again haha.

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Gangsta-Shooting-TrendThe title of the post by the gang member “BenjaminWebb161” is actually – “Guns, gangs, and the Glawk 40: A primer on street gangs and how they get arms”.

Head over to the thread and check out the comments and his replies.  Very interesting stuff.  Some of the answers are probably not what you would have expected.

There is just way too much info on there to put in this post… but if I had to summarize what I read it would be:

  • Situational awareness and how you act (don’t act like a good victim) is key.
  • Don’t wear gang colors in gang territory.
  • It’s a shocker, but laws don’t stop criminals.
  • Dogs, a loud alarm, and reinforced doors and door frames work well to keep criminals out

It’s also notable that he has no convictions, is not a prohibited person, all his firearms are legally owned, and he actually is currently serving in the USAF.


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Violent crime in Chicago is out of control. Vice takes a look:

Gun-Control-Chicago3:40 – “We using handguns in Chicago while they trying to ban assault rifles.  We don’t use assault rifles in Chicago. We get up on you baby.”  hahah real talk.

The gang mentality is insane.  I couldn’t imagine living my life always worried about getting killed just for walking around somewhere mid-day.



Exposing criminals in Charleston South Carolina, who are too stupid to keep their business off the internet:

You’ve got to check out the whole Charleston Thug Life website, it’s priceless.

To summarize, you’ll see a lot of guns pointed at cameras, stacks of money, drugs, gang tattoos, gang signs, and shitty looking houses.

I’m not sure why the police aren’t already trolling Facebook for intel on a daily basis.  Heck, I bet Facebook gives any police department that asks the proverbial keys to the castle.  Although i’m happy to see sites like Charleston Thug Life exist, part of me believes we would be better off if these criminals were not publicly called out, but instead silently stalked by the police until there is enough intel to bring them in.

Side note: It must take hard work and dedication to spell everything so retarded.  Reading some of the things those criminals wrote on Facebook makes my head hurt.


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The two on the left are clearly taken from the following:


Damn, looks like they replaced it with plain banner with no pictures. :/