A rap song / video:

I listen to a lot of rap, and I have to say this guy’s flow actually isn’t too bad.  I thought I was going to have to claim *trash emoticon” when I saw the old revolver (not .22LR caliber), and the two random .22LR rounds in the foreground rapping behind some makeshift mic setup in his mom’s living room.  I know a parent’s living room when I see one, and no I’m not talking single moms from Tinder (because truth be told I swerve those, although for Royal Nonesuch’s mom as you know I’ll make the exception.).  I think the song would be better off with a different video, or no video at all in my opinion.  This current video doesn’t really help convey the message.

All around nice work J-Jon.. I like the message.  It’s not anti-gun, and it’s not pro-gun… it’s just like the chorus says “Bussin your gun don’t make you a gangsta”.

J-Jon-Rap-Video-Busting-Your-Gun-Gangsta3:08 – “Responsibility makes u a gangsta”.   Oh word?  Well in that case I’m like WC, Ice Cube, and Mack 10 “Westside Connection” levels of gangsta. I’m surprised J-Jon didn’t ask if I wanted a feature on the track. I would have started off like “Turn my headphones up UHhhhhhhhhhhhh… louder Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

P.S. – When will people stop self-proclaiming that something they did “went viral”.  Damn that term is so overused.  Dude’s video has 6128 views right now.  I’m happy for him, but that’s not viral by any stretch.


Gat tip: who seemingly bought into the “viral” claim.


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Mattv2099 brings out his high capacity assault clip for some trigger time:

Mattv2099-Standard-30I love how the magazine droops like a wet noodle.  The gangsta style shooting with the crotch grab was the icing on the cake.

I really wish companies like Glock would start making real magazines that big just to troll the antis.



“Hollywood overkill of the sideways gangsta shooting method encouraged many modern hoods to look for a less trendy but equally cool-looking technique for offin’ someone,'” wrote freelancer Marian Ayoob in Handguns’ September cover story, entitled “Better To Look Good Than To Shoot Good.” “Over the last three months, holding a gun completely upside down has become the predominant method used by stylish gangstas whom, as they say, ‘be fixin’ to put a cap in a [person’s] dome.'”

Full hilarious article – HERE

The best parts are the Massad Marian Ayoob quotes.


As the “Side Grip”

The side grip is a technique for shooting a handgun in which the weapon is rotated about ninety degrees and held horizontally instead of vertically (as is normally done). Shooting a gun in this way has no practical benefit under most circumstances and makes proper aiming very difficult, but the style has become somewhat popular in rap culture and among street criminals (who do not often use the gun sight) due to its portrayal in U.S. film and television since the 1990s.

More hilarity on the Wiki Page – HERE

Sadly there is no mention of Birdman Weapon Systems – Homeboy Nyte Sytes


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