This is why we can’t have nice things:

Troll-FaceIf there’s one thing I learned it’s that looking away, or closing your eyes at the very minimum while slapping the trigger like a Hi-Point loving step-child is what you need to do.



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Is the question which was given a comprehensive answer by Jon Davis, a former Marine Corps marksmanship instructor:

The reason is actually to help them aim faster by utilizing a technique known as “Flash Sight Picture”. 

I wouldn’t advise it though. I specialized in pistols and have fired these weapons thousands of times. That said, the thought has crossed my mind. The answer didn’t come to me until another coach (from the “hood”) gave me a good reason why this technique would be used. In practice it actually does utilize one very important sighting practice, but fails overall. This is a good idea in theory, but fails miserably in the actual execution.

Full explanation with diagrams over at Quora.

If you want more sideways gun gangsta action check out Urban Shooting Grips, and how FBI endorses sideways shooting.



Gangster, modified gangster, and super modified gangster:

Skip to 0:30 for the start of the funny part.  hahahah great stuff.

Hat trip: Kyle, Reg


Thug life until they bury him! (or at least until his mom grounds him):

That will teach him to mix Sunny D with firearms.

I’m always skeptical when I see videos this stupid.  There is an extended version with more shit talking HERE if you have nothing better to do.

This one might actually be real though, because he looks genuinely surprised.  Thoughts?

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This is how the gangsters train for drive-by shootings at the range:

ROFL.. the “Hey Puto” was a nice touch.

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A lesson to all gangsters: If you’re talking shit to the camera with a gun in your hand, make sure it’s pointed in a safe direction and your finger is off the trigger.

He’s gonna be grounded for that.