Garand Thumb

Garand Thumb doing what he does best:

Everything about this video is great, and I learned a lot.  Garand Thumb is a true professional in the industry.



The April Fools prank we truly needed:

haha man Garand Thumb is one of the GOATs. Pure Gold.

It’s a 27 minute vid, so strap in.  I’m writing this quick post as I’m watching.  It’s the rifle from HALO, for those not familiar.



Content the world needed:

Holy the shooting footage at the starting is really nicely done too.

Their talk starts at 2:25 if you want to skip past the “Little Mother Limited” cringe ad… literally the worst name for a company I’ve ever heard.



Good advice from Flannel Daddy:

I know some of the stuff probably seems over the top to a lot of people, but it’s sound advice.  You gotta take care of yourself.

Some funny comments as usual:

“Inb4 airsofters start wearing respirators because they’re worried about lead poising” -Scoe88

“Fumes from firearms are highly toxic. You gonna want to filter it out through a cigarette.” -teeroux

“In the state of California this video is known to cause cancer.” -Michael Masoner

“Fun fact: Jeffery Epstein died of lead poisoning.” -Koala Tactical

etc.. haha

People are definitely getting made fun of lately for wearing the masks as a fashion statement (which honestly is likely true for a few of the IG guys I see wearing them). Thoughts?