Garand Thumb

Garand Thumb takes a look:

His delivery, editing and everything is getting exponentially better.. and it always has been amazing from day 1.  It’s cool because it’s hard to tell if it’s scripted or not, but it’s so damn good It must at least have some sort of loose script with allowance for them to improv.

Those Ballistic Dummy Lab torsos are insane!   I knew they would be expensive before I even clicked, but wow $2000 each 😂😫


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Garand Thumb doing what he does best:

Everything about this video is great, and I learned a lot.  Garand Thumb is a true professional in the industry.



The April Fools prank we truly needed:

haha man Garand Thumb is one of the GOATs. Pure Gold.

It’s a 27 minute vid, so strap in.  I’m writing this quick post as I’m watching.  It’s the rifle from HALO, for those not familiar.



Content the world needed:

Holy the shooting footage at the starting is really nicely done too.

Their talk starts at 2:25 if you want to skip past the “Little Mother Limited” cringe ad… literally the worst name for a company I’ve ever heard.



Good advice from Flannel Daddy:

I know some of the stuff probably seems over the top to a lot of people, but it’s sound advice.  You gotta take care of yourself.

Some funny comments as usual:

“Inb4 airsofters start wearing respirators because they’re worried about lead poising” -Scoe88

“Fumes from firearms are highly toxic. You gonna want to filter it out through a cigarette.” -teeroux

“In the state of California this video is known to cause cancer.” -Michael Masoner

“Fun fact: Jeffery Epstein died of lead poisoning.” -Koala Tactical

etc.. haha

People are definitely getting made fun of lately for wearing the masks as a fashion statement (which honestly is likely true for a few of the IG guys I see wearing them). Thoughts?