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It does some pretty sweet damage to that truck. The gun is in serious needs of a green laser and come picatinny rails though :P

I’m not an expert on ball bearings, but are the 1.25″ ones it takes readily available?  Also how much are they?

I like the fact that it runs on a wide array of gases.


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Austin, TX – Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of injuring a gas station clerk while attempting to rob him — with a caulk gun.

The suspect fled the scene in the company of a transgender prostitute he’d picked up earlier in the evening, according to an affidavit issued by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

Full story – HERE

Crack binge, transgender prostitute, robbery with a sealant applicator? Man some people have messed up lives.


This looks creepy, awesome, and uncomfortable all at the same time:

I have no idea what type of beer, gas mask, or camouflage that is, so I have no idea what country these guys are from.

Anyone know?

I wonder if he plugged his nose with something before donning the mask?  Getting beer up your nose has gotta be painful. :P

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Apparently it was crashed and they decided to take it out for fun.  Pretty cool.


Wow.. this is a SERIOUS vehicle.  Not that I’m really surprised:


Defense Accessories:
Equipped with night vision cameras and pump action shotguns.  Also armed with tear gas cannons.

That’s what I’m talking about!  I wonder if Obama is surgical with that shotgun or what?  Those definitely would have been some top secret training visits to the range if he is.

This is how the actual vehicle looks, for those that don’t know:


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