gatling gun

Haha this is hilarious:

Pop your extendo Glock magazine in there and crank it.  Good stuff.  It would look funny with a drum magazine sticking out of there.

Not avilable for purchase yet on the Tippmann Armory website; coming in March apparently . I almost fell of my chair when I heard the price though… dealer price will be ~$3000, meaning the retail price will be quite a bit more.  Can you really put a price on having all the fudds at your range lose their minds when you start doing mag dumps on this thing?  Just hosing bullets downrange? haha


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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hahaha this is epic:

Rubber-Band-Gatling-GunThe fact it’s forearm mounted makes it extra cool.  I want to see someone put one on each arm and unleash the fury on someone.

Nothing but the energy of the stretched rubber bands powering this thing.  What a time to be alive.

You can download the plans and read more at instructables.



Richard Ryan on that Lone Survivor movie breakdown once again:

Holy Richard is bringing this next level stuff quick, only a week into January!  I’m sure he has hundreds of fun ideas / toys lined up for the remaining weeks of 2014.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOThe Ferrari in the screen cap was a tease.  Initially I was like “Did he?”.  Oh well I always said “Fuck Dodge Neons” my whole life anyway, so well played on that car choice.

Fail on not saying “TO DA CHOPPAh!” haha.  The blades on that chopper and the spent brass raining out of the exhaust tube looked epic in slow motion.



Where’s a shark to mount this on when you need one?

It’s only a matter of time before the lethality of lasers available to the public increase and the price goes down enough for politicians to start flipping out about them.  I remember those incidents from a few years back when derps were aiming them at helicopters and planes and blinding the pilots.  Thankfully that seemed to stop for now but popping balloons is child’s play… give it some time and the crazies will be doing all sorts of new retarded and disgusting things with this amplified light we call the laser.

Shark-with-laser-on-headDoes the right to keep and bear arms include laser guns?  Pfffft of course it does.  Even high battery capacity gatling assault laser guns.

Lots more laser gun creations over at Laser Gadgets, the guy’s website.



Joerg Sprave doesn’t play around:

8 barrels that fire pistol crossbow bolts.  “As you know I love weaponizing Black & Decker tools” hahahaha

Joerg-SpraveHe’s sure coming up with some interesting more complicated designs lately.

Even though he was fairly close, the accuracy looked quite deadly.  Ban assault slingshots!

I still think he could make a good living if someone refined his designs for and paid him royalties. Thoughts?