Randy Smith of Fresno, CA was planning on wetting mofos up:

What? How? That is illegal in California!  How come Randy did that?  Oh wait… he’s a criminal and didn’t care.

Not the safest gun on earth obviously.. but i’m sure it might manage a couple shots before KB’ing.

I laughed at 2:01 when it said he was 54 years old.   I was expecting some 15 year old gang banger punk.   Yea, not heat at all Randy… a 54 year old man out for a stroll with a fluorescent kids toy, especially when cops are on the lookout for such a thing that’s converted.   Dumbass…

Not the first time we have seen a Super Soaker shotgun. That one from 2009 had a whole mossberg pump inside it though, so it would have been safer.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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One of the gun store guys gives it a go:

Those things are vicious.  I’m thinking it’s probably good he didn’t attempt to shoulder both of them and fire, because i’m assuming that could end badly if it wasn’t nice and snug when the trigger was pulled.

Is that an actual camera man down range? Or do you think it’s just rolling on a tripod in this case? :P



I don’t know about you guys, but if someone breaks into my house when I’m home I want them DEAD, not tickled by a cute soft ball with tentacles on it.

From the packaging:

“This may be the most intelligent way to defend your family against home intruders.”

Intelligent how?  It’s smart to let some scumbag that wants to steal your stuff and/or hurt or intimidate your family survive to do it again another day?  Interesting.

I could see its use in Law enforcement for crowd control.  But the home defense thing is just laughable in my opinion.  The only clear advantage I can see is that you wouldn’t have any collateral damage with this (because there would be NO damage) if 100% of your shot didn’t hit the bad guy.

More information about Lightfield Less lethal products – HERE

Source of Article – Wired

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4ga sure looks menacing!

More on Shotgun Shells at the Wiki – HERE


Hopefully the man behind the trigger ends up being alright.

According to the article, officials say a hand loaded shell may be to blame.  My additional theories include the cartridge firing out of battery, or else an obstruction in the barrel very close to the receiver.

This is what the receiver is supposed to look like:

Link to news article – HERE

More about the Browning Auto-5 – HERE

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Most of the pictures I had seen of short barreled shotguns were your typical Mossberg 500 or Remington 870’s… seen one you’ve seen them all.

But then I came across this:


It’s a sawed off Franchi – Renaissance Sporting 12 Gauge.  This bad boy sports dual 3″ chambers in an over-under configuration, top notch walnut furniture with well placed cut checkering, a gold-embellished trigger, and lots of engraved scroll work. MSRP – $2249

Here it is in its pure form:



I would love to be able to afford $2249 on a Franchi Renaissance Sporting to do this.  The unfortunate reality is that short barreled shotguns lack utility in everything but personal protection and home defense.  Spending that much money, only to hack off 50% of the gun, is reserved for those with deep pockets and strong stomachs.