geo marker

Not sure if serious.  Currently only available on Android devices…


The Gun Geo Marker app, released to Google’s Play app store on July 7, invites users to mark the homes and businesses of “suspected unsafe gun owners … to help others in the area learn about their geography of risk from gun accidents or violence.

Full Story – Fox News

ROFL “suspected gun owners”.  If this app actually becomes popular I really hope all pro gun people with compatible devices download it and hammer the app by submitting random bullshit locations of suspected gun owners, just to make the information already more useless than it already is.

Gun-Geo-Marker-App-LogoYou can check out the Gun Geo Marker page in the Google Play store.  I have a few Android devices, but I’d rather stare at paint drying than spend even a second right now in an app so useless.  Another reason I suspect this to be a troll app is because it came out first for Android, and the user interface looks like complete shit.  Who does that?  haha.  I’m sure the iPhone version will be release any day now, much to the joy of anti-gun hipsters everywhere.

My main question is, what would someone that is very afraid / paranoid of firearms do with the information in this app?  Boycot gun-owner run businesses?  Plan daily life around staying at least 100 yards away from all gun owner’s houses?  Both options are equally retarded and hardly feasible.

A positive outcome of this app (if the geo-marked information is accurate) may be finding yourself some more range friends that live close by.


Hat tip: Nick, Mike, Kevin