George Blakely

Art surrounding firearms:

Some pictures are neat, some are useless.  That’s pretty much how it goes with art though… not everyone is going to be impressed by everything in an exhibit.  The picture, and the story behind 3:27 “Mike And Rat (1983)” by Mary Ellen Mark I found to be the most interesting.  Well that and “Shoot (1971) by Chris Burden where he was so bat shit crazy he got his friend to shoot him with a .22 LR from 15 ft away; in California none the less.  I was a bit disappointed that a high capacity assault clip wasn’t used, considering it was the 70s, before any of the legislation there.


If you’re interested in George Blakeley’s book “Bang: The Gun As Image” it’s available used for quite cheap over at Amazon.  I see it’s only 48 pages long though, so it might be kind of useless.

Hat tip: Erik


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