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Polymer80 in their crosshairs:

It doesn’t seem like this “ghost gun” hysteria is going to go away.  I highly doubt banning them will have any affect at all on criminals, since there are plenty of other illegal ways to get guns.. but I’ve been wrong before.  Completing an 80% frame is pretty low-friction / low-effort though I suppose.. especially if pop-up style shops exist just to complete those to sell to criminals.


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GiFfOrDs complains about “ghost guns”:

“If you can build IKEA furniture, you can build a ghost gun. That’s a huge threat to public safety.” they say.

Imagine thinking that you could actually stop criminals from doing crime, by making even more laws.  Bizarre… lets see how it works out for them.  Spoiler alert: Not well.



The “ghost gun” nomenclature needs to go, because it sounds lame:

  1. Drill press – messed that up almost immediately because he was being mad reckless with the drilling.
  2. 3d printer – Cut himself removing support material, and it looked like a peice of shit in general.
  3. Ghost Gunner from Defense Distributed – Looked good and ended up being the only usable one.

So dramatic he turned the three of them over to the San Francisco police at the end, rather than just taking the drill press and drilling some more holes through them or cutting them in half or something.  That would have been so funny if just to troll, he said “I drilled a 3rd hole in the receiver here to render it useless”, but actually drilled the auto hole haha.

Defense-Distributed-Ghost-Gunner-CNCYou can read a story about this over at Wired, but it’s basically a more long winded version of this video.



There is so much derp in this, I don’t even know where to begin:

0:48 – 3D printed guns have been outlawed?  Sure the ones made entirely of plastic violate the Undetectable Firearms Act, but that’s why you put the metal cube in the Liberator 3d printed handgun for instance.

3:32 – LOL they go talk to Senator “Ghost Gun” Kevin De Leon.  A ghost gun has the ability with a .30 caliber clip to disperse a 30 magazine clip full of bullets in half a second, guys in case you didn’t know.  OMG “untraceable assault weapons”.  This guy is so clueless… Selling the “ghost guns” to cartels?  K, if guys are actually doing that, you think your pissy little law is going to stop them?  Ever heard of “ATF Project Gunrunner” senator?  Look it up dickhead.

6:28 – Dimitri has a pretty badass looking III with a snake and stars neck tattoo.  Dimitri “0 Fucks” Karras.

7:30 – “Dimitri may not be breaking the law, but with an arsenal of ads like this one (shown).  It’s safe to say he’s walking a thin line.”  *eye roll*

Dimitri held his own on this… props.  I wonder if he mentioned ATF’s Project Gunrunner, but VICE just edited it out?  Seems like it would have fit in perfectly when they asked him a few of those questions.

9:26 – If VICE found out about ARMSlist their minds would literally be blown.  LOL like not passing a background check means you need to “make your own”… GTFO.

9:45 – Was the John Zawahri AR-15 he used in the shooting actually a “ghost gun”, or did he just assemble it from parts?

10:18 – Wow, Debra is lucky she’s alive.

13:14 – haha the #Zerofucksgiven sticker footage on something inside ares armor.


How to:

LOL the comments.  I find it hard to believe that the ATF itself is that worked up about this.  Politicians who don’t care to know any better, sure I can see that… but the ATF?  Surely there are bigger issues facing the F part of their job than people making AR-15 lowers off the books?  If not, I’d really like to see the stats on how many thousand murders happen every year with home machined AR-15 lowers.  The 2010 FBI crime statistic data for murders with weapons shows that rifles really aren’t used all that much in murders.  I look the liberty of totaling the columns from the FBI’s neatly provided Excel file and here’s what we have for the 2010 year:

  • Total Murders With Handguns – 6,009
  • Total Murders With Rifles – 358
  • Total Murders With Shotguns – 373
  • Total Murders With Firearms (type unknown) – 2,035

Total Murders With Firearms – 8,775

  • Total Murders With Knives or Cutting Instruments – 1,704
  • Total Murders With Other weapons – 1,772
  • Total Murders With Hands, Fists, Feet, Etc.. – 745

Total Murders With Weapons other than firearms – 4,221

Grand Total of Murders With Weapons – 12,996

Since we’re talking about rifles here, note that the FBI murder count for the year of 2010 is 358 people.  I’m not really sure why there are 2035 murders where the firearm is “unknown” (poor bookkeeping? poor state agency reporting?) but even if for kicks we say half them are rifles, that still makes rifles statistically less dangerous than knives.  Who knows though, since those stats are from 2010, maybe rifles have become the choice of murderers everywhere?  I doubt it, but maybe the ATF knows something we don’t.

I think it would be really interesting if we could get the numbers on how many of these murders were justifiable homicide.  This is EXTREMELY important.  Additionally, I’d like to know if suicide is included… because if it is I don’t think those numbers should count for obvious reasons.  Lastly, I’d like to know what percentage of the guns were owned legally, and how many were owned and used by already known criminals.

Whenever I see stats like this I can’t help but think to myself “…and people think firearms are the problem?”.  Look at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) Leading Causes Of Death data and tell me there aren’t bigger issues plaguing the country which should be focused on.


Gat tip: Dale


A CNC mill in a box.  Put 80% lower receiver in.  Receive “Ghost Gun” a short time later:

Ghost Gunner ships fully assembled and ready to build right out of the box. No assembly is necessary and no programming is required. After installing the included software, you’ll be ready to manufacture publicly available .dd designs. Defense Distributed is committed to releasing future firearm design files, from the AR-15 to the AR-10 to the 1911, and then continuing with our own designs.


hahah pure genius.  $1200 from Defense Distributed’s Ghost Gunner website, where you can also find out more info.  At the time of writing this, there are only 32/100 pc. left for purchase on this pre-order.

I wonder if they will release CNC paths to make a .30 caliber clip?

If you’re not getting the “Ghost Gun” joke, read up here.

Ghost-Gun-AR15-Lower-ReceiverIs anyone worried this will only speed up laws which will put a stop to homemade AR-15 lowers?

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