ghost gunner

Artsy, I like it:

1:44 – haha yessss my “Not Legal In New York” morale patch makes a cameo on Paloma’s bum.  She’s the head of Defense Distributed.  I also make a Not Legal In New York stickers too if you check the site (In addition to the Not Legal in California patch and stickers).

Ghost Gunner 3 is up for pre-order – $2100 + shipping.  Very cool what it’s capable of.  You can click the link to read the full features list.

I’m actually surprised Cody hasn’t been back on Twitter since his release to stir up shit like he used to.  According to an article posted yesterday on the Washington Free Beacon (yea I’ve never heard of it either), Cody will be returning to Defense Distributed.  He’s not a prohibited person since he accepted a plea deal.


Gat tip: Matthew


An artsy promo video to go with it:

The Ghost Gunner 2 sells for $1675.  Defense Distributed also sells the 80% receivers on their site… which you then turn into functional firearms by using the Ghost Gunner 2.

Thoughts?  Anyone own or use a Ghost Gunner 1?  Is it as simple to use as it looks?