Normally I avoid game voiceovers, but this is pretty good:

Obama-GlockDid Obama use a Ghost gun?!  I guess they are real.

That’s pretty awesome that comedian (Jason Stephens) can do such a dead-on impersonation.  I would exploit that non-stop if I had that skill.



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The look at Modern Warfare 3 VS Ghosts:

Call-Of-Duty-GhostsBoostin’ that POLY COUNT SON!  I wonder if the sounds of 10 year olds with potty mouths online are clearer than every before too?  I hope so.

Really impressive actually, I’m not going to front.  I just hope there is a moisturizing code I can enter to help that dude out.

If you want to pick up COD Ghosts it’s on a $60 Nov 5th pre-order over at Amazon.