gin and juice

Now that he got him some Seagram’s gin everybody got they cups but they ain’t chipped in:

If someone said “Hey Mike, what are your top 5 favorite smells?” I can assure you that egg steam definitely isn’t one of them.  Ugh I almost gagged when he pulled it out of the glass at 1:29.

Bro is that even tempered glass?  I’m not too science’y but I would be afraid to drop something red hot into alcohol which is inside a cylinder of potential shrapnel.  But hey… I live a sheltered life.

I think my quota for rap references is done for the day, but I’ll say Matt should have at least rolled down the street while sipping on RHMB + Gin & Juice.

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingIt’s kinda hard being Matt v, but somehow some way he keeps coming up with funky-ass shit like every single day.  Don’t get upset girl that’s just how it goes, Matt don’t love you hoes he’s out the door.



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