Girls Guide To Guns

Natalie doesn’t play that:

middle-eastern-friend1:15 – OH LAAAWWWD NATALIE WHY YOU GOTTA BETRAY MY TRUST?!  This “Middle Eastern neighbor and friend” of yours is just a stock photo.  This type of deception is something like Mom’s Demand Action would pull, thinking we wouldn’t notice.  I full expect an actual “USie” of you and your Middle Eastern buddy to be posted on Instagram posthaste or else I’m calling shenanigans on the whole thing. :P



Go ahead haters, act like her hair ain’t luxurious when you know it is:

That 56 carat diamond on Natalie’s ring finger is distracting.  I bet she has a custom Hermès range bag.

Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Natalie-FosterJokes aside this video is great.  Again though, we need to be locking anti-gun people in rooms Clockwork Orange style and putting MrColionNoir & Natalie Foster videos on repeat in order to educate them.