glass breaker

Everyone’s collective tactical prayers have been answered:

Pure comedy gold.  A measly $100 too (Amazon affiliate link).  Dating in 2017 is expensive though, so keep that in mind when your current girl leaves you after she sees this on your gun.

This is the actual description, I shit you not:

Mounts on handgun accessory rails or, with optional barrel rail mount, on rifle barrels. Triggered by pressing weapon against the glass, it allows operators to break car (or other) windows without taking sight picture off of suspect. Widely used by emergency services, law enforcement agencies, and SWAT teams. Quick release mount. Lower rail for mounting additional devices. Steel and MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite. 10 year warranty.

Another product I’d love to see the justification for.  How long until we’re mounting full toolboxes on our guns?  I mean, you really need to be prepared for every tactical situation right?

Note: You could be a real cool-guy and run the toothbrush with glass breaker as part of your EDC too.

Thoughts?  Were you in a situation recently where you were like “Damn!  If I only had a bulky glass breaker mounted somewhere on this handgun?”

Gat tip: mhoff_07

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Ugh whyyyyyyyyyy:

Does it surprise anyone that this is a Kickstarter campaign?  Goal is $40,000 AUD (Australian Dollars), and they are at just under $2k at the time of writing this with 20 days to go.  Too early for me to speculate if people are dumb enough to fund this.

Tactical-Tooth-BrushApparently “glass breakers” are the epitome of tactical.  Who knew?  Too bad it wasn’t possibly to attach a “door kicker” of some type to the tooth brush to make it more operator.

I take my oral health very seriously and will continue to use only toothbrushes approved by dentists, not some fly by night Australian designers trying to shoehorn some tacticalness into keeping my teeth clean.

Massive fail for not even having a Glock attachment, amirite?


Gat tip: Kyle