Glass slugs

Taofledermaus gives it a go:

Aw damn, that first shot was so promising.  The last one was cool too, but I would have like to see it in ultra slow motion.

Taofledermaus’ sidekick / shooter is wearing the ENDO Apparel No Right To Bear Arms California Flag shirt.  Ooooh yea.  P.S. That sounds awesome talking about someones “shooter”.  I want to have shooters.  I’d call them “Shottas” though. ahaha.

If these disintegrating glass rounds ever became popular in California with criminals, the California law makers would have an absolute fit!  Microprint all the molecules! :P

This guy made Taofledermaus the glass shotgun slugs.  Here’s him making one:

Very cool.  I like this next level stuff, even if it’s not yielding the craziest results.

And to think, I thought all glass blowers just made glass “tobacco” bongs and pipes.


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