glock 18

Things go as expected:

I’m a simple guy… I see an auto Glock video, I watch it.  This is a Glock 18C with a .40 barrel and fire selector switch.

The comments on the video are pretty funny if you click through.



TMHonFire, Cokeman, and friends:

Glock-Aidhaha those guys.  That is the most disruptive group of shooting misfits on the internet right now.  Looks like a lot of fun.


“Welcome” and “Kitchens Bring Families Together” indeed:

Glock-VS-MandPhaha this guy.  TMHonfire102 DGAF now, and hasn’t ever.

Home defense goals amirite guys? :P


This is hands down the greatest video I’ve seen in a while:

LOL I love it.  An airsoft Glock 18 obviously, but still hilarious.  Man, Asian guys always come up with the funniest shit.  It’s like they operate on a whole other level when it comes to quirky repurposing of items, and interesting / niche skills.

Please no one ever try that with a real Glock.

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushThoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Kyle


Mattv2099 puts on a clinic.  Get your poor-ass a dowel and a 2×4:


Yea that’s awesome.  I recall the above video (or parts of it) being up on his channel before.  Want to comment on that Matt?  Did the YouTube assault weapon police remove it?  Maybe Bieber fans had a fit?

It’s only a matter of time before someone does something sinister with a high capacity glock assault clip and a dowled 2×4.  We should ban wood and high capacity assault clips before it’s too late.



Demolition Ranch puts some science on it:

Wow the stippling job on that magazine looked like a bag of dicks.  No wonder he didn’t care about hitting it with some microwaves.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOAs usual these microwave vids are pretty anticlimactic, but I was a bit surprised at all the damage this one inflicted.