glock 18

Demolition Ranch puts some science on it:

Wow the stippling job on that magazine looked like a bag of dicks.  No wonder he didn’t care about hitting it with some microwaves.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOAs usual these microwave vids are pretty anticlimactic, but I was a bit surprised at all the damage this one inflicted.



It wasn’t enough that Chaos311clarity shot a titanium Beretta 93R… he had to stunt on us and shoot a Glock 18C as well.  What a dick:

It still constantly bothers me that I don’t own a G18, or a G17 with a drop in conversion.  Where do I have to move, so I can buy these at the corner store?  Africa?  Mexico?

The cChaos311clarity-ENDOycle rate on that thing is incredible.

Chaos is wearing the ENDO Apparel Pictogram Fire Selector Switch Hat.



Chaos311clarity has some fun on the range:

That thing is a beast!  I’d still rather have a Glock 18, because Glock… but the Beretta 93R is definitely in my top 5.  The built in utilitarian fold down forward grip on the 93R is a nice feature too.

Chaos311Clarity-YoutubeBasically no muzzle rise on that thing with the forward grip and the stock!

Chaos is wearing the ENDO Apparel Pictogram Fire Selector Switch Hat.

Thoughts?  Glock 18 or Beretta 93R?


Oh to have problems like the police chief in Greenwood Indiana:

Greenwood Police Department has six Glock machine pistols and 10,000 rounds of corresponding ammunition, but Chief Rick McQueary says he doesn’t want his officers carrying them.  McQueary is working with city officials to determine what to do with the guns. They may be sold to another police department of destroyed.

Full story – HERE

A part of me died after reading that article.  Worst case scenario I don’t know why the chief doesn’t just tell them to keep the switch flipped to “semi”.  Problem solved.

Most people don’t know that the Law Enforcement price for a Glock 18 is only around $500.  Unfair!


Well this is definitely on my wish list:

Source – Casatic

By the look of the 2nd picture, the Glocks are both ejecting downwards, which means that one of them must have been modified with a custom slide to eject left! That is so damn awesome, I don’t even know what else to say.

The fact that they are attached, have a red dot on them, and are in that custom suspenders holster is just the icing on the cake.

Oh if only I could pick two of these up at the law enforcement price of $507….