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Actually nah, and Yeager shits all over them and gets riled up in this video:

0:28 – SHOTS FIRED at ENDO haha *cough* ENDOtactical *cough*.  I didn’t design that thing to save the planet.  I designed it as a fun addon.

0:47 – Putting a stock on a pistol does not make it a rifle. *eye roll* Wellllll actually it does according to the ATF, plus talk to anyone who has one of my AR-15 stock to Glock adapters and they’ll tell you they can push their handgun out father with better accuracy because of the 3rd point of contact (like a rifle).  We all know the round doesn’t magically change.

Man he’s really charged up.  At least one the guys who work for him has ordered my adapter, and no it’s not FXhummel.  I hope the guy trolls Yeager with it non stop, which prompted this video.


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The boys at Recoil Magazine lit it up!  The shooting starts at 9 seconds if you’re as impatient as I am haha.  I swear my tolerance for waiting is lower than ever at this point in my life. :P

Head over to ENDO Tactical to pick one up (price $35), NFA rules apply.  The thing sells itself… pick any AR-15 stock you want, get cheekweld on the stock, compact formfactor, doesn’t interfere with the usual operator of the Glock, connects solid with no flex at all during operation.

Some additional pics of it in action at the event:



Thanks Recoil.  I was looking for an excuse to talk about this product again!  Seems like it’s so much easier to shoehorn in ENDO Apparel t-shirt mentions.



ENDO-Stock-Adapter-Glock-EditionThe thing I like the most about these videos whether they use my adapter or not, is that people are like “Oh I should get a stock for my Glock”… so they poke around and see all the ridiculous looking / ridiculous prices on other options before deciding on mine (ENDOtactical).  That was when I had it at $99 too… now at $35 it’s an instant buy decision for people.  No flexing.. two points of contact… AR-15 stock compatible. Yeah.

Damn that lower got pretty wrecked!!  Talk about a lot of rounds on auto though before hand though wow- 1272 total!!!! This is exactly why if anyone ever talks shit about Glock I’m like “Oh yea cool story!  Tell me another!”

Thats cool they had the FLIR camera showing the heat too.



After way too long, it’s back in stock again:


Head over to ENDO Tactical to pick one up.

  • Yes if you add a stock to it and connect it up to your Glock, it will change its classification to an SBR.  You’ll need an approved ATF form 1 before you do that to be legal.
  • Yes the Sig SB15 arm brace will work with the adapter, however I have no idea what that means legally at the current moment.  Do you still need an approved form 1?  I’ll let everyone know as soon as I see something official.

Thanks so much for your patience! I’ll be sending the email out to everyone who is on the notification list soon, in addition to contacting everyone who emailed me about but may not be on the list.

Just got around to putting up another video.

I continuously ran over one of my Tactical Stock Adapters for around half an hour. It was clear nothing was going to happen and I figured I had enough footage, so I cut it up and just showed a few of the different angles so it wouldn’t be as boring.

The plastic is fiber reinforced so it can handle much more weight then a Honda Ridgeline, but it was the heaviest vehicle I had access too.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]


This is a rendered animation showing 360 degrees worth of detail on the Tactical Stock Adapter for the Glock.

The white lines around the contours were rendered in to make the detail stand out.

The actual part in real life is solid black, but the detail is still very noticeable.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]