People are always looking for ways to make Glocks “safer”.  This one was done for the Taiwan and Portuguese police straight from Glock apparently:

The other side:


Not pressing the trigger when you don’t want it to shoot is apparently not good enough.  Gotta have something to fumble around with.

I’m surprised the Israelis haven’t asked Glock to make some addon that wouldn’t under any circumstance let them carry with one in the chamber.  That’s always been the move over there, and they are sticking to it. Maybe like a microphone and slide mounted lock requiring verbal confirmation that they are ready to shoot, which unlocks the lock and lets them chamber a round. Yeaaaaaaaaaa.

Remember the other manual Glock safety?  “TeH GaDgEt”  Does anyone use that thing?  Like I said in that post… If a Glock Safety gadget was needed, gaston would have added one.


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From the video description if you click through:

The issue was that the retaining safety pin walked out about 1/8” during shooting. We want to a dry fire portion of the class and the pin had walked out just enough that when it had rubbed against the tight tolerance of his kydex holster, it depresses the trigger.

🤔😬 damn.  NOT ideal. Whether the trigger is the issue or not, piehitters LOVE filling their guns up with tons of the latest aftermarket internal stuff. I’m sure the stock trigger is just fine for 99.9% of the world but NOOOOOOO, you had to stunt on all your friends and even buy the whole $260 kit because money grows on trees apparently. That’s piehitter economics for you though.

Hunter on facebook posted an interesting screen cap which happens at around the 14 second mark:

Trigger problem? Or piece of shit holster problem? You be the judge.

Thoughts?  You running a Titanium firing pin too brAh?  What about a carbon fiber Punisher slide plate?  A unobtanium forged in Mordor barrel? Skeletonized rounds?

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Dare I say that practicing dry fire without the trigger break and reset is fairly pointless?  At least the Dry Fire Mag product let the trigger break and reset (even if not 100% like the factory).  Yea sure you can practice other stuff with your gun while pulling the trigger, but lets not try to act like without the pre-travel click and reset you’re actually “dry firing”.

1:01 – “without having to sacrifice trigger manipulation.” uh yea that’s exactly what you’re doing… sacrificing the break / reset as I pointed out above.  If this is acceptable to you though, you might as well just save yourself the money, fold up a little piece of paper and place it at the side, between the barrel and the slide (google it for exact instructions) and pull the trigger all day in the exact same fashion.

There are a lot of “dry fire devices” for Glocks on the market.  I really haven’t seen one I’ve liked that can replace a full drop in trigger reset practice kit.

You Can pick up an E-Trainer for $25 on their website, or on Amazon if you’re interested.  Naturally, I see on the website that it’s “patented”.

Thoughts? Is it just me, or do the red colored rubber areas make the thing look kinda janky?  Like they just heat shrunk some tube on there and sealed the end with pliers.


Tru piehitters need to get up on this:

Ugggggggh well $20 over on ebay.  If the Meat Hammer baseplates weren’t stylish enough for you to grind up your hands on a reload, maybe these will suffice? 🤔


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Oh wow… once again the industry is BACK 👏 ON 👏 ITS 👏 BULLSHIT:

$49 over at Medieval Metals.  Oh wow, the site says the spikes are a “non lethal deterrent”… yea a deterrent from having a properly functioning hand once you injure it, and a deterrent from the touch of a female amirite fellas?

Thoughts?  Would purchase and hammer meat with?

Oh man… the only other products on the Medieval Metals website are “Spinner” related 😂.  If I ever get autism I’ll have to pick one of theirs up… the quality looks one hunnid.


Dude had the gun like 23 seconds and already laser etched his logos all over it haha:

Although I’m right handed, the totally ambidextrous aspect of it seems like a cool improvement.  Everything else seems kinda meh.

Taran is really damn good at point shooting.  I tried that a few times and it was embarrassing.

Thoughts?  You picking up a GEN5? Is Taran sponsored by anyone? (that last one was a joke)