Oh man, that’s so cringy.  I really don’t know what’s worse… this, or letting the piehitters continue to put Punisher backplates on their Glocks 🤔 I’ll have to run the numbers through ENDO Ai and get back to you fellas.  I never found it very hard to get the Glock backplate off in the first place, so I really don’t think this plastic version is needed.  Call me crazy for thinking it SHOULD be a little difficult to get that plate off, considering the entire function of the gun depends on that plate NOT coming off.  Dudes love to fiddle with stuff though.  Imagine how bad you’ll get flexed on when you’re about to deep clean your Glock next to someone and he just presses down the button and he’s in.  You’d hate to see it.

If you like this, then by all means go nuts and spend the $7.95 over at the Strike Industries website.

Thoughts?  You holding out for the skeletonized carbon fiber version, because 0.05 oz is still too much for you?


Oh man… I initially missed this when I was moving 🏡 before Christmas:

Iconic.  Gaston is a living legend.

Not really any new information in the video if you’re a Glock fan… that said Ahoy’s vids are always worth watching.

Most of you probably already know, I make an adapter that lets you put a brace or a stock on your full size GEN 1,2,3 Glock.  Yes I have the gen 4/5 design done, but I don’t know when I’ll release it (sorry, no date 😬).

6:33 – I always thought the Duke Nukem 3D handgun was supposed to resemble a Hi-Point, not a Glock.



Yessss Recoil did me a solid with their review:

You can grab my ENDO Tactical glock stock adapter for $35 if you hit the link.  I like that folding stock they used, and the paracord upgrade for the pin.

You can check out RECOIL’s full buyers guide for stocks for your glock pistol.  A lot of good options… I’m not a hater, I’m a fan of most of those for their own reasons.

On a related note, RECOIL slid into my DMs on Instagram and sent me an awesome pic of a “skunk works” type project they did.  I can’t wait until they post it so I can share it with you fellas.



Wow this is one of the best animations I’ve ever seen:

The animation was done by Matt Rittman. He talks about the process and what programs he used on his blog. The YouTube descriptions says it took him 500+ hours.  I don’t doubt that.



Damn I like it when companies do this type of video:

All those CNC machines 🤤🤤🤤.

1:03 – Packed lunch goals.  I should rip the foam out of one of my cases, and carry a sandwich and a banana around and see if anyone even looks twice – second amendment audit style.  “UM, AM I BEING DETAINED OFFICERS?  I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was illegal to carry sustenance around in a plastic case.  This is an EGREGIOUS violation of the 4th amendment, and I will not tolerate it.  Please clearly recite your full names and badge numbers into my GoPro.  *scoff* Oh man YouTube is gonna LOVE this.”

1:31 – We’ve seen those firing machines before.  Cool every time though.

I know it’s not a “nice” topic, but I wonder how long it will be until all humans on assembly lines can be replace with machines?  There are sure a lot of repetitive tasks, which no doubt require a lot of manual dexterity… but I’m sure it will happen eventually.  People are getting replaced everywhere… I got some chicken nugs for my hangry Girlfriend at a McDonalds in Paris, and I shit you not there were only two actual employees.  The ordering was done exclusively on screens.  Yea sure they have the screens in the US and Canada too (not that I frequently go to McDonalds, but I do walk by a lot of them), but I have yet to see any where there is just a big bank of screens like the ones I saw in Paris, and that’s it.  The two employees “cooked” (I obviously use that term loosely), and one handed the bags off to customers.  “Merci” I said, as I grabbed the brown bag of regret.



I knew this would happen with 3D printing eventually:

From the description:

The final iteration of the 3D printed Banana Standard pistol is now fully functional. All major controls work perfectly, and all minor tolerances have been corrected. The only issue seems to be that the slide, in conjunction with the recoil spring, are too heavy to cycle properly with a suppressor attached. The frame was printed in PLA at 0.1mm layer heights.

Incredible.  According to the comments on the video, he even 3d printed the frame rails in 17-4 stainless steel.  As you know, the frame is the part with the serial number on it, so he’s making what the internet likes to call a “GHOST GUN”👻👻👻.  Although he could have used a Glock slide, he chose to use some aftermarket one in the videos.  The guy hasn’t made any comments on the long term durability of the PLA.

This is an older version posted last week, where he had some fun with the frame shape:

The guy also 3d printed a VZ61 Skorpion, from measurements he took off a de-milled parts kit and some old blueprints.

Oh man the aftermarket is going to have a field day once this becomes easier and easier to do at home, and the files become open source.  Naturally the lawmakers will be scrambling even more than they are now.