These dudes that call themselves “Refined Savages” really went ahead and spent money on an injection mold, to sell people a $50 insert to put a fire starter kit inside a Glock.  That’s right.. a ferro rod, metal striker, cotton and accelerant gel pack jammed up into the backstrap.  At this point in the firearms community I’m just like “SURE… WHY NOT?”.  The big problem that bruthers are gonna have is that next week someone will come out with a paracord spool for the same spot.  How will they ever decide? 🤔

Integrated Defense Strategies (above) caught up with the head “Refined Savage” at the NRA show.  Yooo and this blew my mind.. this Mike Hughes guy apparently INVENTED SIRT.  I don’t know how you go from such an epic idea and execution and beloved product such as the SIRT pistol, to a Glock backstrap firestarter.. but gentlemen, here we are 🤷‍♂️.  I have to say I do like that this Mike guy is wearing a sun hoodie.  I have a few Arcteryx ones that are literally my favorite bit out outdoor clothing, and I get made fun of quite a bit for it.  Sorry (not sorry) that I don’t want skin cancer swEatie 💅.

The filming style is so chaotic.. like why am I watching high quality footage of IDS film this Refined Savage guy (in lower quality) on his cellphone?  Probably just file that question under 📁Youtube-Stuff-You-Just-Wouldnt-Understand-ENDO.

Thoughts?  Any of you newly identifying “refined savages” picking one of these up?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I N N O V A T I O N ✨. Two is one, one is none:

Vintage.. even has the old TV and VCR.

Who says you can’t improve on PERFECTION? 😏

Thoughts?  In a pinch, I’d still take the 3D printed double Glock, or the new-school double Glock.

Gat tip: @too_stubborn_to_fail


From the same people who made the Lifecard .22 LR pistol:

In the video abouve the guy demonstrates putting it into action by barrel sweeping 180 degrees when he pivots; not super ideal.  In this second video you can see the guy rotate (AHhggggh! I mean “PIVOT”) the lower receiver instead, which definitely seems like better practice:

I’m glad I know about this gun and how to use it now, because if I ever saw one in person there would have been a 100% chance I would have picked it up and then jammed the barrel into my shoulder before letting out a “WHUT IN TARNATION?” *nervous laughter* in order to save face.

$1795 at Trailblazer Firearms.

  • Caliber: 9×19
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Materials: Aluminum / Steel / Polymer
  • Maximum portability – 20.9″ long (folded)
  • Full 16″ threaded barrel +extendable stock
  • Uses GLOCK® compatible magazines
  • Extra magazine storage in stock
  • Built-in safety features
  • Made in USA

I guess it’s supposed to compete with the 20+ year old pistol caliber carbine staple – the KELTEC SUB2000?  Considering the Sub2000 only costs around $500, I think the Trailblazer Pivot is going to be a really tough sell at their current MSRP of $1795, and a fraction of the brand recognition.  I’ve been wrong before though.  They probably are doing fabulously well off sales of the LifeCard, which I would have never predicted.. so who knows maybe the Pivot will absolutely kill it as well.  I wish them the best.



The 3D2A fellas at it again:

I love this kind of stuff 😂..  Two is one is none 😏 .. you might really the Airsoft version of this I posted back in 2016.  Can’t also forget the actual freaked Glock setup where they are flipped 90 degrees and mounted with the red dot in the middle like a damn airplane (thumbnail pic); the “Doppelglock”.  It’s only a matter of time until one of the bois does a similar one piece print.



Haha I actually wasn’t expecting this from VICE:

Criminals are breaking the law?  Shocking.  203 federal court cases with auto sears last YEAR?  They obviously don’t spend much time on “hood Instagram stories” … I see about that many videos a week with random people using them who definitely don’t have the proper paperwork.

4:40 – Whoa they confiscated about 600 drop in AR-15 auto sears from some dude in Oklahoma.  Yikes, that guy isn’t going to be seeing the light of day for a long time.

5:27 – Damn, being a police officer would be terrifying.

5:40 – Low key where can I get an ATF pillow for my office?  The embroidery detail on that looks immaculate.

6:06 – Guys, I swear that isn’t me.  *nervous laughter*

Here’s some footage from Recoil of my ENDO Tactical Glock adapter in action on a Glock with a switch 😎. Look at that brass fly! (the vid works despite not having a thumbnail for some reason):

Thoughts?  Much like Jay, I get a handful of emails a month from people (who don’t understand what a blog is) wanting to buy switches because of past posts similar to this one I did where I mentioned them.  So many people don’t bother reading anything… likely just saw the words, picture, or a video clip I posted.. hit the contact button up top on this page and fired off an email.  If some dudes put as much effort into a career or hobby as they do in trying to go to prison, they would have pretty fulfilling and enjoyable lives.


This gem of a picture on their Instagram:

Statistics show that the wolves are the readiest they will ever be, when you’re cutting your lawn as a suburban male over the age of 65.  I might have to write a Sheepdog fan fiction for that picture.

I joke, but Glock is just doing the proper thing in marketing.  Segmenting their audience and then tailoring content towards each of those segments; it makes sense to treat each cohort differently.  After I typed that last sentence, I scrolled through their Instagram account.   It’s kind of a hodgepodge of a bunch of random overly staged Glock pictures, low budget photoshops, stock photos and Kathrin Glock appearances (looking lovely as ever).  In my opinion they have a lot of room for improvement on social media considering the caliber of the brand (puN iNteNdEd huehehehe 😏).

Also, what’s up with Glock running the account off the username glockinc , while username glock is an obvious trademark infringement?  LOL on the fake glock page there are two posts.. one about sept 11th, and one picture of a Glock 23.  Seems to me that the fake page definitely shouldn’t have posted that Glock picture, if they didn’t want smoke.