Stuff like this makes me love the internet.  Where else would someone actually go to the trouble to chop a grip and design and print a functional 3 round magazine?  Incredible.  California should cut this man a check.

Source: 2a3dPrint on IG



Sorry piehitter, your M&P isn’t a Glock:

Nice try though 😏.


A cringe-cessory for your handgun:

$22.50 on the pistol strap website.  Big yikes guys.. BIG yikes.

Attaches to any picatinny or weaver (ha) rail.

Thoughts?  I swear I should just start pumping out “X… but for guns” type accessories just to troll everyone.


😯😯😯😆 the fellas really did it:

Looks like it works perfectly.  CTRL PEW and the boys are a treat to watch.



A COVID-19 hardbass 🅱ANGER:

He didn’t even leave the stu.  It’s catchy, that’s for sure.

Thoughts?  Leaving the song out of it, is “Glock VS Makarov” something that ever gets debated?  I like them both, but they are from a different era, and not really that comparable.

Gat tip: MrCurtisConcepts



Oh man, that’s so cringy.  I really don’t know what’s worse… this, or letting the piehitters continue to put Punisher backplates on their Glocks 🤔 I’ll have to run the numbers through ENDO Ai and get back to you fellas.  I never found it very hard to get the Glock backplate off in the first place, so I really don’t think this plastic version is needed.  Call me crazy for thinking it SHOULD be a little difficult to get that plate off, considering the entire function of the gun depends on that plate NOT coming off.  Dudes love to fiddle with stuff though.  Imagine how bad you’ll get flexed on when you’re about to deep clean your Glock next to someone and he just presses down the button and he’s in.  You’d hate to see it.

If you like this, then by all means go nuts and spend the $7.95 over at the Strike Industries website.

Thoughts?  You holding out for the skeletonized carbon fiber version, because 0.05 oz is still too much for you?