I normally hate petitions, but this one has my attention:


Truly the best use of I’ve seen to date.  Sign the petition to make change happen!

Definitely a hat tip to Mattv2099, who coined the term as far as I know.

Glock brand Clipazine also works in place of Glockazine if you ask me.


Hat tip: Chase


Mattv2099 with the operator tutorial:

Hey matt, I need that magazine back!  I think I dropped it when we were shooting past photographers while repelling upside down from blackhawk helicopters in the dark… Damn that course was operator, thanks again for putting it on.

0:44 – Ahhahahhaha “Wear this shirt in your videos” with $5 paper-clipped to it.

1:00 – She’ll just about disassemble herself.

2:40 – haha frog lub on the springs

Mattv2099-Standard-30The tactical pasta strainer and the operator dishwasher are such key components of any cleaning regimen.  If Matt lived in California the Pusha-T line “Look in the Frigidaire / 25 to life in here” would hold true.

Matt is wearing the Standard Capacity 30 Rounds t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.