Velcro pads on some mechanix-type gloves:

0:43 – Ah Yup there it is… standard veteran endorsement we have all come to expect.  I know a lot of people probably think that’s EVERYTHING, and it’s a major selling proposition.  Frankly, it probably does sell a lot of units for companies who use that in their marketing.  I’m not saying these gloves are the worst product I’ve ever seen… they are FARRRRRRRRRRR from the worst. Seeing a lot of incredibly derpy products over the years which various highly credentialed veterans endorse makes that endorsement lose all meaning for me.  I’ll decide if I like something (in any industry) based on the merits of the product, not on who likes it.

1:09 – Sonofabitch Jeremy now you threw me for a loop… is this “technology” patented or is it patent pending?  You say patented yet your picture says pending.  Consider my day ruined.

2:25 – Flinchy McVneck

2:44 – Mans goes for the back to back head shots.  Monica hehehe.

The gloves are $30 over at XTECH Tactical if you’re interested in picking any up.



Full glove retard over at Magpul. Here’s a promo for the newest; the breach glove:

magpul-glovesGranted all the gloves look awesome, and they all are designed for a specific purpose.  Who know the glove industry was so hot right now?  I clearly didn’t.

I still think the flight gloves I blogged about initially, are the ones I’m most interested in.

I’m waiting for a new glove every day next week, for even the most niche hobbies and interests.  Oh you’re a DJ who plays Dungeons & Dragons and suffers from multiple sided die palm abrasions, and record groove index and pointer finger trauma?  Magpul has you covered with the new DJDD glove *coming soon*.

Here are all the gloves they offer currently for those of you looking to pick some up.



That new new:

magpul-glovesWOOOOO that two-tone with olive colorway is la flamez.  Very low-key with the tonal branding. Wow, I like that a lot.  Touchscreen capable fingers too!  I feel like my memes would reach a whole other level if I was firing them off into cyberspace while wearing these gloves.

Magpul definitely didn’t need a fighter jet to sell everyone on these gloves, but I hope they know the effort is appreciated.  PRO TIP: Just to let you guys know, when you’re being a disgusting human eating Cheetos and Dew all day, and for comic relief you decide you want to light your farts; this NOMEX material wont catch fire.  #MagpulCares

$60 at Magpul, coming “soon”.  Just think of how sexy you’ll look wearing your new Magpul belt, and these gloves.