god rock ministries

Remember David C Bateman.  Well the hits just keep on coming:

Ah the old forward roll then engage. A timeless classic.

Oh and here’s one where he climbs a tree then shoots out of it:

Sounds like he’s using air pistols now at least.

I know way more about David than I wish I did.  If you’re missing the back story make sure to watch the videos and read the comments on Tactical Shooting From An Expert Karate God Rock Ministry and Sulsa Do Corp Pushes The Envelope For Derp. Those are actually much more entertaining than these videos, even if you’ve already seen them.

I really need to keep my OPSEC one hunnid because we all know if this guy and I ever cross paths in a non public place he’ll be wearing my skin as a suit dancing to Goodbye Horses.  I even wrote this post up listening to that song, and now I feel like I should double check to make sure my doors are locked, and preform some press checks to be administrative AF.  Yea 2nd Silence of the Lambs reference today in posts I know.. but seriously.

Thoughts? Would operate beyond 5 miles of a school-zone with?

Gat tip: Austin, no uno

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My mind explodes on so many levels watching this:

God Rock Ministries / Expert Karate is the YouTube channel.  Yea I don’t get it either.  So it’s like a church / dojo?  LOL cool I guess?

Ok this vid is hilarious from the jump, but at 0:13 when the dude had his solo then banged his head on the wall I lost it LOL.

0:38 – “Sulso Doko come out!” *pew pew pew pew*  Nothing like sending the one girl out in front of the line of fire to do barrel rolls on the ground while firing.  TIER -239 shit you probably couldn’t handle.

1:34 Me = Dead LOL:


I hope those girls come around quick to see that the point of this seems to be “Simulated shooting at a wall as an excuse for a lonely guy 3x your age to spend time with you”.   This isn’t useful “training” of any sort.

I love how the guy has what looks like a sheathed survival knife on his left hip too hahah.


Hat tip: Mitori