Nice!  I didn’t expect this type of interview from Google:

The interview is done in the style of a podcast, so you can always put it on in the background if you don’t have 46 minutes to look at a screen.  It’s a good interview.  Chris Cheng is great.  For some reason I slept on podcasts for so long, but now that I’m into them I really enjoy putting one on while I get some work done.

His book is on Amazon for $20 if you want to pick it up.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Naturally, idiots lost their minds over this:

“OH NO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL KILL US ALL” they yelled.  Engadget talked to Alexander Reben (the guy who did this); and found out he used a control relay that usually turns on a lamp, linked it to a Google Home speaker, then connected a laundromat change-dispensing solenoid to pull a string that looped around the trigger.  Yea so not exactly a simple drop in solution intended to be added to all your guns.

It was only a matter of time before someone did this. Can you imagine if he would have used an AR-15 instead of a BB gun? Since I like when the anti-gun beehive gets poked, I actually kind of wish he did 😂.



Mattv2099 finds an excuse to use the was shotgun slugs he made:

I don’t know who I hate more… the person that came up with that Bob’s Army bullshit, the people perpetuating it, or Google+ itself. Matt likes G+? Or is his just trolling? Not sure…

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingGoogle+ is such a pile of garbage, I can’t even believe it exists.  Hilarious how Google hangs onto it, yet kills things I (and others) generally loved like iGoogle and Reader.



Richard Ryan‘s friend Trisha from SourceFed Nerd takes it down:

Behind the scenes:

Trisha really held her own!  The Google Nexus 7 is sweet.  I’ve got the Nexus 4 cell and have zero complaints.  I find since I got my cell I find I don’t use my tablet much anymore because it doesn’t have 4G.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOI like all this networking Richard Ryan has been doing lately... awesome seeing YouTubers of all sorts working together with firearms.

If you want to pick up the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt head over to ENDO Apparel.



The legal (not illegal) trade:

Small arms, such as revolvers, assault rifles and light machine guns, and ammunition represent a $8.5 billion industry, and three quarters of the world’s small arms lie in the hand of civilians—more than 650 million civilian arms.  The app was produced by Google’s Creative Lab team in collaboration with the Igarape Institute. More than 1 million data points on imports and exports of small arms, light weapons and ammunition between 1992 and 2010 and across 250 states and territories across the world were provided by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) small arms database.

You can fool around with the web app over at Google.

Main teaching point: USA! USA! USA! USA!…  Other countries need to step their game up.  Actually never mind, it’s better if they have less guns/ammo. ;)  Google sure knows how to make a good looking / fast web app.

Robert Muggah, Principal of SecDev group and Research Director over at Igarape Institute talks on the topic.  (among other things, he is the guy that helped google get the data for their visualization.)  Disrupting the small arms trade:

HA! He makes a point (7:27 min) that since the ban of land mines was agreed upon by governments in a treaty, we are almost in a land mine free world. Yea good luck doing that with guns. I don’t think comparing guns to land mines (something you bury in the ground and forget about until it kills or maims some random person) is valid.

Sylvia Longmire… good looking woman but she called H&K “Heckler & Cook” (19:40), and she didn’t mention ATF Project Gunrunner *facepalm + eyeroll*

Okello Sam – (22:25) – The WHAT that? (22:33) – Oh ok.. that’s what I thought. LOL I love it. One more time Okello? (28:42) – LOL thank you kind sir.

Side note: I really like this Okello’s shirt. Looks like chambray, but that style is some next level stuff you cant even get here yet as far as I know.

Oh yea and Fonderie 47? I’ll make fun of that in a whole other post, don’t you worry.



Oh if only…

If you’re not familiar, make sure to check out the Google Glasses project and search to see pics of the glasses.   I like the concept of the video, but I really think they could have incorporated more google glasses features into it.

That would really give me a reason to find some time to play video games, and also a reason to wear those ridiculous google (prototype) glasses.

When I saw Battlefield 5 in the title, I thought I might have missed a Battlefield somewhere… sure enough we are still only on Battlefield 3.

Well until that comes out at least I still have a Battlefield 3 – 360 Degree FPS Simulator to keep me busy.   (I wish)

Hat tip: Raeshawn