You can purchase posters of these and more for $7 for an 11×14″ on the designer Aaron Wood’s Etsy page.

I’ve posted about parody war propaganda posters in the past which you can check out:


Seen in this Google Ad:

Stay classy Google.  :P

I’m actually surprised that ad is allowed.  Not only for the obvious suicide negative connotations, but I remember making google ads up a while back and I seem to recall there were restrictions in place against using a gun in your ad.

I’m not going to post the website that ad links to, because it appears to one of those obvious info harvesting type of sites.  I could be wrong though, maybe it’s legit?  If they can’t even find  a proper gun to make up an ad though I hightly doubt it.  The link is written on the picture if you want to check it out.

Any of you guys ever pay for an online gunsmithing course?  Was it useful?


Wow thanks Google!  And I thought you had nothing else to offer besides Starfox64 Barrel Rolls, tilt, and askew.

Google is pretty awesome… I especially liked their Battlesheep Ad.  Their search suggestions are a riot sometimes too.


Wait… what?

LOL.  First of all Tuna is a salt water fish, so if you ever were to swim with tuna i’d be more concerned about the effect of the salt water on the delicate 1911.   I have first hand experience with the the effects even sweat can have on a 1911 if you’re not anal about cleaning it… you get pitting.

Unless were are talking about tuna that some how are on land… which in that case we are all screwed.  Your 1911 will definitely be disrespected by some big tuna.

Yet another reason to get a Glock.  :P


Google ChromeOS demo lab has a neat little interactive website up where you can have a simulated “chat” with a lab tech to suggest how they should destroy the Cr48 netbook.

Check it out – HERE

Naturally the first thing I tried was “Shoot”.. that worked. So then “Blow Up” .. that worked too.

It suggested “William Tell” to me as well.. so I typed that in and it was pretty cool too.

Use your imagination, I’m sure there are plenty of other cool videos they have done.

To save you the trouble, I also entered some swear words and it told me to stop a few times, then it opened a new tab and googled “Cleaning Supplies” LOL

Speaking of ChromeOS and the google netbook… that is something I am buying immediately once it is released to the public.


Google added a new search filter option to their advanced search page called “Reading Level”… Hilarity ensues below:

38% of the content is intermediate… not too bad I guess right?

Hmmm… looks like Steve from TheFirearmBlog has me beat intellectually but not by that much.

Linoge from WallsOfTheCity always has intelligent things to say.  No surprise he ranks high in intermediate… I am surprised he has 0% in Advanced though.  (chalk a win up for my sub 1% hehe)

LOL Apparently Say Uncle writes for the upper crust of the gun blog world. who knew?  He even beats out The New Yorker and Harper’s .. and those are some high-class hoity-toity sites.

In all fairness I assume my low ranking is probably due to my typos and extensive use of colloquialisms (that last word ought to boost me up .001% in Advanced). Lucky my goal was never to mold the minds of the world leaders and scholars of tomorrow.

Sorry if this blog is making you dumber than when you started following it. :P