You’re not doing it right if you’re spray painting WITHOUT laser guidance:

Spray painting things normally is so difficult… WHERE IS THE PAINT GOING?  I CAN’T SEE IT. I HAVE NOTHING TO GUIDE ME.  With this tactical laser attachment called the LaserCan you can spray paint bullshit at 200+ yards if you want to, or as close as less than an arms length away.  Hell you can even pretend to know what you’re doing one weekend, have a few too many beers and think you’re going to camouflage your rifle up all operator-like.  You’ll grab some foliage from the “environment” around where you operate (yes near the place where you play Call of Duty and constantly wish a MFer would), you’ll devise a game plan of a base coat, breakup layer, and top layer,and in your mind’s eye it will look PERFECT.  Your rifle will be so finely tuned to your surroundings it will basically be invisible.  WRONG.  Even this laser thing can’t save you my friend.  You’ll spend a half day laying random crap across your rifle and spraying until you realize you’re in way over your head and you now have a rifle that looks like a cat threw up all over a couch from the 70s.


I have a suggestion for LaserCan…. what would be even more operator would be if they made an IR laser version so you had to wear your NVGs haha.

I was told the product is around $25, but the “Buy Now” button on the LaserCan site doesn’t work, so who knows.  More like LaserCAN’T amirite guys? *ba dum ching* *fist bumps all around*

Thoughts?  Would buy?

Hat tip: Cliff


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U.S. forces are scheduled to depart Iraq in December. But on the giant concrete barriers that still ring the constellations of bases around the country, their artistic footprint will remain.

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Too bad those are so big and heavy.  I’m sure a lot of money could be raised by selling those for charity back in the U.S.