grand theft auto

Corridor Digital really did a nice job on this:

Behind the scenes:

GTA-Corridor-DigitalVery surprising it was all filmed on a GoPro with various extended poles.

It’s interesting that they can fly below the radar and avoid getting permits to film. Also funny, since they have their lawyer there. My guess is they rarely get hassled because they are probably very safe and respectful. Probably the worst case scenario is a small fine in the event they were to get caught and the police officer wasn’t down with the cause.

3:00 – Man I’m seeing those two wheeled self balancing scooters everywhere now.  They look dangerous and fun.  I imagine there will be a lot of cracked heads from those this summer.


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Nothing like seeing Pixar characters with guns:

GTA4-Toy-Story-Woody-ModThe video is kind of boring at first… a lot of Streetfighter “hadouken” moves going on, but if you skip through to 2:25 where he pulls out the grenade launcher, and then keep watching until he gets on a motorcycle with a Buzz Lightyear and starts shooting everything up with a MAC-10 looking handgun it’s good times… up until he decides to commit suicide at around 4:16.  Yea pretty dark video all in all I suppose haha.  Maybe don’t install the mod if you have little kids that like Toy Story, because it could traumatize them.

You can grab the mod over at GTA4-Mods.

Hat tip: Kyle


Mario and Luigi get the guns out:

“Never bring a hammer to a gunfight”… so true.

The “it’s a me Mario” with moltov cocktail at the end was awesome.