grappling hook

Hey man, nice shot:

haha good shot.  Besides climbing up a wall Batman & Robin style, this is the next best use for these things.

haha typing x products into google, the first suggestion is “x product anti gun”.  Looks like one of the shit head owners of that company said that he believes “gun ownership is a privilege” and some more about gun owner licensing etc.. naturally that blew right up in his face and there was the standard statements released consisting of backpedaling etc.. You can google it if you care, it’s pretty standard but funny.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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My former-future step-son back at it with the shenanigans and tomfoolery:

Nonsuch looking spiffy AF in the video; like a Yung Liam Neeson.

Notice I used the eye patch thumbnail.  Yea he’s back at it again with no ear or eye protection.  *smh* where is this boy’s mom? Oh ya, Tinder.  Just when I thought he wasn’t back on his bullshit anymore after that fanny pack .410 video.  Oh well, he’s been lucky up until now, I hope that continues.

Thoughts?  Would shoot grappling hooks at stuff with?


Yung Richie Nonesuch back at it again:

2pacInnovation.  I wouldn’t want my hands or face anywhere near something like that, but Royal Nonesuch’s track record with not getting hurt is pretty damn good now.  The fact none of those welds ever break blows my mind.

2:12 – That thing flew pretty far!

3:38 – ahahha don’t tell me he shoots this stuff an an actual range?  The old guys there must lose their minds.  At the range I used to go to, we would get shit from the old guys for shooting human silhouette targets and “rapid” fire.

I blogged about his grappling hook shotgun in march of 2015 where I also speculated about his mom and how I was going to someday be his step dad.


It’s on and grapplin’ over at Demolition Ranch:

Can-Cannon-Grappling-HookWhoa this grappling hook product actually exists, and is only $145 LOL.  I love it.

Remember when Monica Royal Nonesuch built a homebrew grappling hook?  That kid has so much heart.  I put him in the Hall of Fame for that one, and those were his early days.

Thoughts?  Did you miss out and not cop a grappling hook in time for the Memorial Day weekend?  *smh* yea me too guys… me too.

Remember when Batman and Robin used to climb up buildings with the grappling hook, but it was just the camera angle rotated 90 degrees and them grunting and pretending it was tough work? haha that was awesome.  I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of that vintage Batman I’m talking about… but here’s some modern Batman grappling hook cuts if you’re interested.


Royal Nonesuch could retire right now, and he would be forever in the hall of fame for this one:

LOL really.  The recoil as he said must be insane.

1:50 – LOL climbs the rock face. Yung Batman.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOI wonder who is camera operator is.  $10 says it’s his concerned “cool mom”, who also happens to be a single attractive (35-40 year old) doctor at the local hospital.  She knows the risks involved with Royal Nonesuch’s shenanigans but loves how creative he is.  She’s there for camera, and medical support, knowing his hobby holds a promising future if he keeps it up.  Royal Nonesuch I’m going to find your mom on Tinder, and be your step dad.  Belee dat *Birdman voice*.



Trust Royal Nonesuch to finesse this:

After watching the entire thing I’m really astonished and glad he didn’t get a grappling hook to the face, or even the top of the head when it was coming down.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDO5:16 – Doesn’t have time to dick around with unjamming the grappling hook with conventional methods, so he’s going to use a case full of 180 grains of FFFG black powder.

Royal Nonesuch is an interesting guy, and a man of the people.  I hope he stays in one piece so he can continue to have fun and show us interesting stuff.