grave robbers

These shitheads illegally dig up bodies and artifacts from WWII:

If this was done in an archeological manner I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it.  These guys are doing this half under the guise of “We have to find these soldiers and re-bury them”, and yet selling the artifacts on the black market.  If your only tools are a shovel and one metal detector, you’re ruining shit and getting lucky finds occasionally… not preserving history.

I’d like to know what family members of soldiers who died there think of this.  My guess is they don’t like these guys, and either wish the bodies could just be left alone… or else an actual proper excavation take place.

11:53 – Looks like a RGD-33 fragmentation grenade.  Sitting in water since the war ended so I’m sure it’s not risky to handle it (correct me if I’m wrong).

14:12 – Mosin-Nagant.  Just a little rust, that’ll buff right out after you throw some solvent on it. :P

VICE-Logo14:42 – More RGD-33’s… They look a lot more volatile when they are dry.  I don’t think I’d want to touch or bang those around.  People get hurt all the time from explosives that old.