They sing the song from the movie Grease:

haha good times… good times.  This is what happens when there are no girls around and no one to shoot at.

John-Travolta-GreaseThey sure don’t have very strict grooming requirements there!



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Infidel approved.  Rosie O’Donnell is still on the fence though:

“I wish KA-BAR made a spoon” said no one ever… oh wait Mattv2099 did at 0:50

2:50 – haha that looked like Play-Doh coming out


I’m not really surprised that it didn’t work, considering how thick that grease became once it hardened.

I bet that smelled so delicious.  Matt’s mom is going to be pissed that he’s shooting all of her plates up.

Thoughts?  If you’re going to complain that his videos are “pointless” don’t bother… He’s not doing this for science, he’s doing it for fun. haha