0:23 – Ugh that’s the Irish mom from a show I like called “Orphan Black”… she’s annoying and I’m already annoyed by this “myth” they are about to bust.

Mythbusters_title_screenMy initial thought is can’t she just set the side of the couch (or something else heavy) on top of the spoon and be done with it?  Or actually just throw it out the damn window like the “hero” did.  So dramatic.

This definitely is one of those throwaway Mythbusters ideas.  At least he ALLAHU AKBAR’d it at 3:24.

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Yea this is a real video, I didn’t make the title up for clickbait:

Dr-Dre-The-ChronicThis all went down in the Ukraine apparently.  I’d like to think these kids are doing this with their fun dad or uncle just for kicks, but sadly in that part of the world it’s probably being done out of necessity… because these kids will actually need to know how to throw a grenade someday, maybe even before they are adults.

Funny choice of fields right? Looks like the Ukrainian plug might be a few lbs short that season.


The LAV hung out with Green Berets at Ft. Bragg for a day:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesAwesome stuff.  The javelin is breathtaking.  It’s one of those things I’d like to shoot someday, but know I never will.  Well I’ve heard from a friend of a friends cousins brothers uncle that you could shoot them overseas, but that just sounds sketchy.


This is awesome:

TIME-Special-Ops-Glock-GrenadeThe pitch is at 1:25 for you impatient operators out there.

<– haha remember when TIME epic-trolled with that GLOCK grenade?  That will go down in history.

Hat tip: Gear Whores Anon


Hickok45 gets to have all the fun:

Hickok45-YoutubeMRRAAAAHHHHH Newton’s 3rd Law.  I can imagine the recoil would be quite stern.

I love how all the birds at his range are so used to gunfire.  Their song’s didn’t even skip a note when he fired.

Someone needs to turn this into a badass game of long range lawn darts by getting a handful of those things and duct taping KA-BARs onto them.



Some recent derp from the Chicago Tribune:


Close… but not quite guys.  LOL  For the last 10 minutes I’ve been trying to jam a bayonet into that sling mount point, but no luck.  I’m actually surprised they didn’t say the gun would fire knives that were placed there.

At least they didn’t try and say grenades were easy to get, and worse yet talk about 37mm as if they were the same as 40mm launchers.


Hat tip: Will