Corridor Digital lets the dogs out:

A fun video… German shepherds are great.


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All Cop:

I always thought German Shepherds were awesome.  German Shepherd gun combos though?  Amazing.

So over the top, I love it…

Doesn’t seem like the dog enjoyed some of the scenes though since his ears were folded down.

Hat tip: Eric


German Shepherds are my absolute favorite. You couldn’t possibly get a more badass, more loyal, and well trained german shephered than one that has been to war and back.

You can adopt a retiring military working dog!  Check out the adoption website – HERE

Do they come with some sort of veterans severance package?  Who knows… that would be cool if they did though :P

A picture gallery of war dogs – HERE


CONNEAUT, Ohio – Michelle Pryor said early Monday morning their German shepherd Sirus began barking so she let him out and was stunned when she heard gunfire outside the home.  Sirus got shot in the chest and on the muzzle between his eyes.

Full Story – HERE

The dog sure doesn’t look any worse for wear in the video, I’m he is alright!

It’s stories like this that make me wish I had a dog.  German shepherds are my absolute favorite.  I’d have a couple of them in a heartbeat if I had a big yard for them to stay in.

Have any of your dogs helped you in a similar incident?


Looks like they must have hired HK’s marketing guy for this picture:



1) Guy in front has his rifle scope on backwards
2) Guy in front has his left arm through the loop in the sling
3) Guy in rear has his sling on in a pretty akward manner considering he’s planning on shooting his sidearm with his right hand

All jokes aside, the clothing acually does look pretty nice.  You can check it out at their website – HERE


This video is entertaining, and the guy speaks the truth:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]