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Yea I dropped a Dora The Explorer reference in the title… deal with it :)


Head over to to take a look.

A good read, and a good link to pass around to anybody you know who needs to be informed.

Maybe I’m just “old school” but having to swipe my finger 50 times to read 50 sentences wears on me after the first 5 swipes.  #FirstWorldProblems I suppose…


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Keith Morgan from the West Virginia Citizens Defense League serves some old dude:

2:00 – “High action military with big clips, that’s not what our founders had in mind” – WTF is high action?  Are all the parts above the bore axis?  Big clips?  like 30 round stripper clips?

6:14 – LOL grenade launchers.   Pure gold… has even 1 murder been committed with an actual legal NFA 40mm grenade launcher on U.S. soil?

8:55 – “I don’t want my neighbor to have an AK-47 because the problem is people go nuts.”  Wow there’s a giant leap!  LOL what a burn Keith laid on him with the “projection” line.  Then the host shits his pants when Keith tells him that he’s armed.

I love how people continue to ask the question”Why does anyone need an ASSAULT RIFLE?”… and then when they don’t like the answer they are given, they just keep re-asking the same question.  Deal with it, the answer is never going to change.

chris-crocker-leave-rifles-aloneI don’t know who that host is, but I sure hope he doesn’t debate as a profession.


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FXhummel1 sings to a Christmas tune we all know:

Alternate title: Semi-Automatics Roasting On An Open Fire (hehe but hopefully not.)

fxhummel1Great song as usual!  I missed it on Christmas when he put it up, but today it will get more exposure anyway.

FX is wearing the ENDO AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt.


These cars have no purpose whatsoever and no civilian should own one:

These cars are all vicious killing machines, and I’m hear to stop Mustang killings once and for all.

People in the YouTube comments and on Facebook don’t know it’s a joke poking fun at “gun ban” style knee-jerk reactions.   Wait… maybe it’s not a joke? :P

Ban-Assault-Vehicles-Ford-MustangYou can like the Facebook page to support the ban of Ford Mustang assault vehicles.

If it saves even one life….



So says the NRA in their new commercial:

Politics bore me, but there you go.  Comment if you wish.

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