gun companies

GASP! WHAT?! Gun companies are the devil!

Disarming Everyone For A Safer America. up to their same old shenanigans.

I’d be happy to take anyone’s 401k off their hands when they retire if they have a moral problem where the money came from.  Just putting it out there.

All money is dirty… if there was such thing as a 100% ethical 401k it would likely be the biggest piece of shit ever.  No oil companies, no banks, no walmart etc… etc…

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackLOL “Find out if your retirement plan is invested in gun companies.  Get your money out.” <— pure gold is the site, where you can go and fool around with their cute little 401k provider search function.  Everything I tried said “____ is likely invested in three public gun stocks”.  haha at the “likely” too *smh*

Thoughts?  Load your 401k instead?