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They had to weigh in:

I never thought I’d agree with the Island Boys, but here we are. 😂

Thoughts?  If you don’t know who they are, they became “famous” off this “freestyle” video.  Yea.. 2021 / 2022 is messed up, I know.

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Figured I post it so you guys could get some laughs:

I skipped around a bit for a couple minutes in the video, and it looks a lot like this:



VICE documentary warning 😏

2:04 – They definitely have some sort of “no adjustable stocks” rule there judging by the next few pictures.

2:10 – Police say more than 60,000 weapons were turned in and $66M was paid out in total.   I crunched the numbers and that comes out to an average of $1100!  Obviously that number goes down a bit if the # of weapons turned in is higher, but still.. someone getting $1100 for turning in a gun is UN HEARD OF in the US.  Typically gun buybacks in the US, net people $100 – $200 giftcards.  Granted I’m sure guns in New Zealand are likely more expensive to buy in the first place.

2:49 – Shocking *sarcasm*, the gun store store owner said that the government uncertainty made him a lot of money.  That actually does look like a really well stocked store.   Impressive.  The guy is really well spoken too, so that was nice to see.

5:33 – I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m both frightened and intrigued at the same time 🤔.

7:32 – Yea I get it, police don’t like gangs.  However, as always criminals don’t follow laws… so whatever they come up with is going to make absolutely zero difference.

9:14 – They seem like a really nice bunch of people. It’s always heartbreaking when terrorism or crime in general, permanently affects the lives of regular people.



VICE warning:

Imagine thinking you have the right to tell a private company what to do.  Bizarre.  I’ve always lived in a world where sure you can “ask” something of a company, but if they don’t want to fulfill your ask then you simply just have the option of not purchasing something from them.  As far as I’m concerned, if Dicks wanted to stop selling guns to guys with chinstrap facial hair, or guys with top buns etc… I’d be completely on their side.  Their company, they can do what they want.  Continuing to watch the video I see the kicker here is the Michigan civil rights law they cite that says “no one can discriminate because of age”.

4:37 – Oh shit if it isn’t Tristin’s problematic uncle talking that “do they have the right not to serve black people then?” talk 😬😬😬.  Hell of a widows peak type receding hairdo on that man.  Rocking a Spartan on that hoodie too. I might have to use him as a character in a Sheepdog Fan Fiction some day 🤔, speaking of which I have another one of those almost ready to go.



This is always interesting:

Reminds me of all the Alex Jones rants about this sort of thing.  I watched a few of them, and there was definite confirmation bias so I lost interest.  On a related note, is Alex Jones still around and ranting? (nm I guess he is… he appears at 10min in this video).   Seems like he entirely vanished off the face of the internet since Trump got elected.  I imagine if Hillary got in, it would have been much better for his business haha

Man, I’m not saying David Hogg is a “Crisis Actor” but holy that kid isn’t very likable.

12:40 – *spits out my coffee all over the screen and my parent’s basement carpet* ALEX JONES MAKES $50M A YEAR?! 🤔 😭

14:20 – Damn, even Wolfgang is caked up.  Those have got to be 17ft+ ceilings in the crib.

14:49 – “Guns guns guns, it’s all about guns.  New legislation.  I think there has been so much misinformation given by the national news.  Now even the president of the United States calls them out as fake news.”  I’ll agree with him on that one.

17:01 – LOL David Hogg’s mother and her friends “went after” this man who threatened her online.  LOL at it being the most effective strategy.

19:20 – WHOA now that escalated quickly.  “No one came to this place you lying sack of shit government mf sellout bitch”.

21:15 – Holy they are gonna cap this guy.  He better chill.

Like Wolfgang said, it seems to me that the media again is to blame.  We are given SO MUCH information on all these massacres, even incredibly minute details.  Since we don’t have ALL the information (homeland security reasons, graphic violence reasons etc…) people are bound to pick it apart (given what they know) and poke holes in the story which they feel was fabricated.  I really don’t think a lot of these people could be convinced otherwise, unless they actually could walk through the scene, ID the victims themselves, and be next to the medical examiner who preforms the autopsy.



Ugh This:

Physically painful to watch.  I find it bizarre that places like “College Humor” are basically content factories that just produce shit like this every single day.  I lost braincells watching it, and almost went into a coma from stupidity in the comments. To think that more than one person would have been involved in any aspect of this video is also troubling.  Ah man blogging about stuff is hard work sometimes.

Ok ok this is pretty damn funny though, I’ll give them a pass for this one:


Gat tip: Christian