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Inspired by MrColionNoir… not duplicating him:

His EDC:

Three reasons why he carries:

AaargoJay-YouTubeHis approchable easygoing type delivery is sure to be a hit.  There really can’t be too many guys like this on youtube (or anywhere for that matter) spreading the word.

I like that quote “In order to be an inspiration you have to be inspired”

AR-15 Builders Club T-ShirtThe man has a mean taste in t-shirts as well *cough* ENDO Apparel *cough*.  Yeah get over it… I post people’s vids who wear my shirts.  I would have posted about this guy anyway though because he’s good… just like I’ve posted about hundreds of other people in the past.

Follow Aaargo Jay on YouTube.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this guy.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is good:


He raises some interesting points that are outside the obvious ones, so that was nice.

Reminded me of MrColionNoir… who has definitely been slacking on the vids lately!  Someone should tell him that TwangNBang is trying to take his spot, maybe he’ll get hungry again and start pumping out the vids. haha



Hickok45-YoutubeHickok45 always make sense.  At least I hope he does for the whole thing ;)  I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it as I’m making this post.

I said in the past my video length attention span limit on YouTube hovers around 5 minutes… vids like this one are good just to put on in the background and listen too though because it’s not like you need to see him standing in one spot talking.



I’m surprised Discovery Channel would even touch this guy with a 10ft pole:

I don’t like how he long ago appointed himself as the spokesperson for gun lovers in America, and companies are continually jumping on board with that.   Entertaining enough guy, but I really have no use for his outspoken political rants.

The show starts October 10th, 2012 on Discovery Channel.

I hope the show contains lots of good slow motion shots, and footage of guns I can’t afford.  If it’s like that I’ll watch it, but if it’s jam packed with off the wall redneck style derp then I’ll pass.


Hat tip: Michael, Josh, Erik