gun drummer

This Gun Drummer vid format makes me gasp:

I need to know the story behind this house 😂.  The first video has 4 Million views.  I scanned the comments thinking it would be full of anti-gun comments, but all I saw was people loving the freedom on display.

Thoughts? Train like you fight?

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This guy’s dedication to turning money into noise is something else:

Yoooo haha where does he live?  It looks like he’s a few stories up, and there’s all sorts of weird looking points and paths.  If 10 year old me could have designed a backyard that’s what it would have looked like.  Mandatory Jetskis, dirtbikes, and ATVs on standby.  I’d rent that AirBnb for the weekend.

Because I’m always interested in the subscriber counts of these guys I follow, I see Gun Drummer has 234,000!  I’m liking this new higher quality / more interesting video style.  I kind of forget he existed for a while, since I was skipping all the old videos since they all looked the exact same as the very first ones that he went viral from a couple years back.