gun fight

Jokers gonna joke:

I’d hope the police would be able to distinguish a fake cardboard gun fight with no noise from a real one, but people definitely have been shot over less realistic looking guns and situations.

The video got boring quick.  It would be funny if little kids were doing the same thing, but when a couple of mid to late 20s nerds are doing it, it’s no longer cute.

DerpAnyone think the public or the police would react differently to something like this in the US?



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I’m not saying he DIDN’T make them up… but did he?

You can check out the Rules Of Gunfighting I posted about a couple years ago.  I’ve never seen it attributed to him, but if he actually did make most of the list up he gains some points with me, because the list is pretty badass.

“MOVE – Motionless Operators Ventilate Easily”   haha good one

At 7:28 he starts to justify downrange photography again, and about how “the reality is no gunfight environment is perfectly safe” *eye roll*, then he goes on to compare that to the collateral damage from that recent NYC shooting where innocent bystanders got hurt by stray bullets.  Whatever James… It looks like you’re never going to back down on this point.  I hope you’re paying your photographers well.