Gun Free Zone

Limiting the Second Amendment:

Oprah-You-Get-A-GunBJ has been on point lately with these videos.

So many good points in this video which would give the anti-gun crowd heart attacks.  Too bad as long as guns are scary assault things which kill people… good luck.

When is he going to turn that neck stuff into a full on neck beard?


Those signs don’t amuse me.  Dom Raso doesn’t play that either:

Dom-Raso-NRAI always just assume whatever gun (usually a revolver or a 1911) which is on the sign, are the ones that are banned.  Others take a “Concealed is concealed” approach.  I’ve heard that in some states those signs aren’t even LAW anyway.  It would be like putting a “no blue socks” sign up in your store… sure you could ask people with blue socks to leave the store, telling them their money isn’t any good there, but it’s not like you can press charges or anything.

Thoughts?  Do you spend money at business which have those dumb signs?