gun free

The gun store guys have a pretty standard gripe:

I’m not against open carry like Barry is.  If you want to open carry I say go for it, every police officer open carries and no one is all butthurt about that.  Why should a law abiding citizen that wants to protect themselves be treated any differently?

The gun store guys “No Loaded Gun” policy, I think is pretty reasonable for a gun store as long as that ONLY covers firearms that are carried in to sell.  The fact that at 7:46 Barry says they chamber check people that are even open carrying is VERY hypocritical if it is in a holster.  Concealed is concealed so obviously they can’t check that.  The stories these guys have about safety violations are insane.  I’m sure that’s pretty standard for all gun store employees.



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I believe that right is protected by Amendments 2 and 3.1415926:

UPDATE: Oh Snap! An even more hilarious video where everyone has guns:

LOL @  If I was still in university i’d “get involved” and become a campus leader just to troll them from the inside.

I really don’t see the problem with video #2. All the guns were aimed at the one guy that started it all… isn’t that what the police would do if they were there?

I love how their slogan is “Armed with knowledge not guns”.  Wouldn’t the knowledge we gained from incidents like Virginia Tech suggest that guns are the quickest way to end a massacre? 

Oh wait… but if guns were “illegal” on campus, that means there’s not even a chance that criminals would be carrying, right? *eye roll*

Hat tip: Weerdworld