gun grabber

Oh Brady Campaign you funny:

School shooting evacuations… very classy.

The video reads:

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2014 from the NRA, Congress, and the gun manufacturers of America.  Go forward towards your dreams.  And so long as Congress is in the gun lobby’s pocket… Remember to duck.

Text “Gun Sanity” to 877-877

Brady-Campaign-Ban-Assault-Clipshahah like I’m going to text that number.  I’d probably find a $20 charge on my bill which is going towards funding your broke-ass struggle organization.

Thoughts?  Anyone text it?


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FXHummel1 puts in some 2nd Amendment work on the ivory:

Mic stand and spit guard upgrade FTW!  FX’s songs are always a good listen.

One might say he “assaults” the keys with musical finesse.

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