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My dudes over at Iraqveteran8888 are at it with another gun gripe about petitions:

Call me a pessimist, but I’m VERY skeptical when it comes to the actual value of petitions.  There are many every day which reach the minimum signature limit, and yet nothing happens.  Here are the gun related ones they talked about in the video:

Always cool to see my ENDO Tactical AR-15 stock adapter for the Glock in the mix.  I saw it in the vid thumbnail, but it was a surprise at 17:56 when he pulled it up off his lap haha:

17:58 – “Oooooo oOOOh that’s cute” haha

You can either purchase the adapter directly for $35 at ENDO Tactical, or else if you want the setup with the “brace” he has in the video you can grab it from my dealer Shockwave Industries.

Thoughts?  Are you a fan of petitions?

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The gun store guys gripe about Obama’s recent statements about an AWB:

I treat these gun gripes videos as a podcast type thing now and just put them on in the background.

<– Restricted Law Enforcement / Government Use Only shirt anyone? :P


The gun store guys discuss gun laws, ordinances, etc.. in different states:

The point they are trying to make is that the laws should be the same for every American, no matter where they live.  I totally agree with that.

Thoughts?  Do you think ownership, purchase, carry, etc… restrictions are for the greater good?


The gun store guys tackle a classic gun forum question:

What’s next, 9mm v.s. .45?  That ought to make some blood boil.

22 minutes is a bit too long for a YouTube video if you ask me… I skimmed through this one because I don’t have that kind of time.  I figured some of you might want to kill some time at work on Friday though. :P

I’d like to buy an AK someday, just to have one.



The gun store guys test their accuracy using popular “ghetto” methods:

Like they said… as long as the criminals keep using those methods it’s just better for the rest of us.



The gun store guys complain some more about their customers in the context of the 4473:

Huh?  They say you’re not supposed to allow people to see the 4473.  I don’t know where they got that information from, but the form is available as a PDF directly on the ATF’s own website.  In addition there is also some sort of “smart form” to help eliminate errors.  I had to LOL when I saw the smart form is an .exe file.  I’m not one of those tinfoil hat kind of guys but this is definitely one of those “nice try ATF” type scenarios.

I love how he gives such a specific “8/10 FFL holders lose their licences because they make errors on this form”…. I’d like to see the data to support that claim, because that sounds incredibly high.