gun gripes

The gun store guys gripe some more about their customers:

My thoughts:

0:30 – Telling your customer the gun will hold X rounds but then not telling them about the plug, and getting mad when they come back is a dick move.

1:08 – Telling someone to read the manual is condescending, rather than actually helping them in the first place.  Everyone knows it’s there if they wanted to use it.

2:25 – Loading rounds in the magazine backwards.  hehe what is this H&K?… funny stuff.  Not worth making fun of someone over if you run a gun store though.

2:57 – Lady didn’t know she had to pull the trigger to make the gun shoot.  Yea that’s kind of dumb.. but again if you don’t like dumb questions you shouldn’t own a gun store or business of any kind that caters to the public.

4:45 – Not being able to figure out how to get into the box of ammo is kind of dumb, but in his defense those boxes are more confusing than a cardboard box.

Towards the end of the video Barry (pictured left) talks about how theoretically the round could fire if you tried to chamber a round that was in the magazine backwards.  I was skeptical so I actually just tried this slowly with my G17, and sure enough the round pops up pretty nicely and looks like the primer could strike a corner of the barrel, or even slam into the top of the slide and fire.



The gun store guys talk on the subject:

I’m always careful at the range when shooting similarly sized cartridges.  I’ve heard too many stories of people using the wrong cartridge, some by accident and some by mistake, with undesirable results.

Barry’s story about the .44 Magnum / .45 Colt WalMart mixup was pretty funny.

From a design standpoint the fact you can hurt yourself by using the wrong round is pretty poor.  I don’t want to go on a big “Darwin” rant, because if you’re not paying perfect attention, and you don’t know all that much about firearms it would be incredible easy to have happen.

Anyone ever have a bad day because of an ammo mixup?


The condescending gun store owners are back at it:

I can definitely see how working in a gun store you’d “hear it all”.

If I owned a gun store I’d probably have a permanent hand palm mark on my face.

You can tell these guys have a lot of fun venting (bitching) on these videos. Even though they complain on youtube, they do mention at the end of these “gripe” videos how much they appreciate business, and they are happy to answer any questions people have. My guess is they are now actually condescending to people that come into the shop, which is no doubt much better for business.