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In case you’re getting tired of living somewhere with “the best gun laws”:

You might want to look into the states with the worst gun laws according to them.  I’d take this all with a grain of salt though, I couldn’t easily see where they got their numbers from.  Regardless, if they aren’t going to break the numbers down into categories it makes me really not even care.  So in Oregon for instance (Ranked #14 for best gun laws) there were 12.1 gun deaths per 100k people.  Ok so?  How many of these were justified?  How many of these were done by criminals? How many were accidental?  How many were suicides?  How many are as a result of police officers doing their job? etc… Those are all extremely important questions, because without having the answers those rankings are working with inflated numbers and are basically useless. We run into this type of thing time and time again with anti-gun groups.


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BuzzFeed attempts to scare us:

Hipster*hipster voice* OMG GUISE I just am so uncomfortable how the United States gun laws are so relaxed. *eye roll*

2:13 – “What gun laws would you want your country to have?”.  Trick questions… NONE.  Every gun law is an infringement.

Damn, apparently BuzzFeed can make up a shitty powerpoint style presentation and get a half million views no problem.  Impressive.

I’m siding with Notorious B.I.G. on this one naturally:

Been around the world and I I I
And we been playa hated
I don’t know and I don’t know why
Why they want us faded
I don’t know why they hate us
Is it our ladies or our drop Mercedes
Baby, baby



Oh man how true:


haha Repeal Gun Laws is nice for this one.  He missed out the Mickey Mouse eraser decoration I used to have… “The mouse thing that goes up”.



The sarcasm and condescension is great:

massachusetts-flagFrom the same guys that brought us the video about buying a gun in Massachusetts.

Scary stuff.  haha I knew what was going to be next as soon as the “Do you know Greek?” part came.


Hat tip: Noah


The man speaks from his ivory tower surrounded by armed guards:

I don’t understand why the police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say we’re going to go on strike, we’re not going to protect you unless you the public, through your legislature do what’s require to keep us safe. -Michael Bloomberg

For a second there I was hoping Bloomberg came to his senses and was going to finish his sentence with “Unless you the public learn how to protect yourselves”.  That would have made more sense…


Hat tip: Eric


The gun store guys discuss gun laws, ordinances, etc.. in different states:

The point they are trying to make is that the laws should be the same for every American, no matter where they live.  I totally agree with that.

Thoughts?  Do you think ownership, purchase, carry, etc… restrictions are for the greater good?