gun owners

Dom Raso tells it like it is:

Dom-Raso-NRAYea exactly.  The media brainwashes everyone… I swear some people I’ve told that I own guns, probably thought gun owners should sit at the back of the bus and drink from a different water fountain.  Since I don’t shoot much anymore my answer now when people ask why I own them is simple – “because I can, and I want to”.  Sure that has ruffled some feathers when they realize you’re right, especially when it comes to Tinder babes who are just hearing it for the first time. Whatever though it’s their issue to sort out internally, not mine. Plenty of countries to move to with less freedom if that’s what they are looking for. “But guns kill so many people, if we banned them all those people wouldn’t die every day” *sigh…* Feels like groundhog day sometime I swear… FML. haha


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Buck Yeager has a list for us:

The List: The Talisman, The Collector, The Hobbyist, The Competitor, The Gun Fighter, The Martial Artist

Another normal video from Yeager, maybe someone recently kicked his ass and took him down a notch? I kid I kid.  I’ve seen similar lists online, so I was glad to hear him not boasting about inventing this like he did for the Rules Of Gunfighting.

I was surprised to not see an I Wish A MotherF**ker Would type gun owner on there.



TheYankeeMarshal speaks on it:

I agree with most of what he says.  haha I like his shirt too!

As much as I like the funny subtitle anecdotes on his video, I like to put videos on in the background so I miss those most of the time.



This is so awesome, you just have to watch it:

LOL so true… everyone knows someone like that.  I’d even go as far as to say if you claim you don’t know someone like the person he described, then it must be you.  The worst is drinking with guys like that, because it gets multiplied by 10… add another 10x on top of that if there are girls around.  I’m glad even when I was younger I had enough sense to avoid situations rather than roll the dice on my life or well being.

“when they made his gun, they stopped making everybody else guns”
^^^^ Truth

I’m looking forward to the rest of the videos in this series.



This guy is so delusional, I’m just waiting to hear about him in the news:

If you kill a gun owner you are innocent before proven guilty in a court of law.  You tell your story before 12 jurors how the gun owner made you fear for your life, how they attacked your youtube channels etc.. You make your case, you save all that evidence.  And it is the 12 jurors that decide if you are guilty or a hero for killing a psychopath.

This video is just so all over the place. Unless he starts changing the way he does his videos and actually organizes his thoughts, I’m going to quit posting about him.

I could get a more intelligent presentation of thoughts on camera if I went downtown and interviewed some crack-head-wino-hobo, and that’s the truth.


Religions ‘who’? *facepalm*… off to a bad start and you haven’t even watched the video:

Creating a religion to justify your twisted views,  bold move Timothy.   How many Timothean followers do you have so far?  I’ll take a while guess… 0?

I’m not debating guns anymore. In the Timothean religion, it’s against our religion to own guns and all gun owners are excommunicated.

*Sigh* well that’s a shame LOL

What makes this video especially stupid is that anything which could be considered a gun was not even invented until after all these old religions he mentioned were already founded.

You might recognize this guy because I posted about him in the past.  He is the genius that insists The Constitution Allows Vehicular Homicide, justifying his right to kill open carriers with his vehicle.  Make sure you click the link to check out that link too if you haven’t already.

What he should concentrate on is making instructional videos about how to get your name on various watch lists.   He would be a pro at that.