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Cosmopolitan has some “couples” talk about gun ownership.  This is sus:

0:05 – Her: “Do you have a license?”  Him: “I do”  Her: “You do?”  Him: “*shifty look* well in Florida you don’t need one”… this conversation is already painful; whose mans is this? LOL I call bullshit that these two have allegedly been dating for 1.5 years, and aren’t simply actors playing a role.  Also is she going to a nightclub after this?  A waitress job?  The Knee-high boots and a short skirt are sus-“talking about gun ownership” attire.

0:25 – Dating 4 months… awkward AF.  Mumbles something about coming home drunk, but it’s cool tho because his locked up guns and the keys to the locks are in two separate places.  Yes, because everyone who comes home after a night of drinking is suicidal, not just thirsty, hungry, and tired.  I call bullshit on this matchup.

0:46 – Yasssssssss my dude Alan is O.C.’ing a compact Glock. -2 pts for the Serpa derp though.  I actually believe these two are dating.

1:17 – She calls the gun a “extremely powerful death machine” then goes on to call bullshit on his car comparison.  Oh word?  So she doesn’t acknowledge that sometimes taking a life can SAVE other lives?  The concept of protection is lost on her I guess.  Lucky the world is all smiles and hugs, and people helping one another… oh wait.

1:32 – “Do you think someone who has been convicted of domestic abuse should own a gun or have the right to own a gun?”  Solid question Crystal… your man thinks they should have that right.  I’m on the side of the fence that doesn’t sympathize with women beaters, rapists etc… which I’m sure to some of you will be taken as HUUUURRRR DURRRR ENDO IS ANTI 2A AND HATES AMERICA.  Again though, telling someone “you legally can’t have a gun because you beat up your wife” doesn’t equal them not being able to have a gun or get one if they want one so making another feel-good law is cute and all but won’t do anything.

2:08 – Her: “I would NOT want a gun in the home with a child, and that is like the be all end all”.  I swear some girls just say this nonsense as a power trip just to see how far they can push things with their control.  As long the gun isn’t just laying around, accessible to a kid I don’t see the problem.  Is she going to ban over the counter and prescription drugs, cleaning supplies and knives, bathtubs, and swimming pools from the house too?  Oh no? LOL right, now that would just be downright ridiculous.

2:13 – If this relationship is actually authentic, you can see the most authentic FML look at around 2:12, followed by a grasp at some sort of middle ground they could maybe agree on.  A really solid inhale/exhale of frustration at 2:54 after he comments that maybe she should shoot a gun someday.

When-A-Man-Loves-A-RifleI wish they would have had some women gun owners, talking to their supposed “boyfriends” about guns on this video.

Since the topic of guns is controversial now, it’s no surprise that Cosmo took this low hanging fruit again.  Remember the Gunsplainers video they collabed on with Everytown For Gun Safety and their guns and relationships article?  I don’t blame them, because everyone else has been doing it lately.


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The right to bear arms is a personal choice:

Not bad… not bad… I’m looking forward to seeing more from Austin.  I can’t help but think he would look better with a thick mustache to bridge that beard though:

Austin-Weiss-NRA-OperatorAustin-Weiss-NRAQuite a bit more operator, right?



AmidsTheNoise speaks on the thought of declining gun ownership:

Always a lot of good knowledge kicked by Billy Johnson.  So much, if you’re not paying attention you’ll have to back it up.

Billly-Johnson-Declining-Gun-OwnershipGod that background music is annoying.



Does owning a gun make you racist?

sammy-davis-jrHoly I hate talk shows… watching this put my stomach in a knot but I figured some of you guys would like to see it for some laughs.


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This guy is pretty good:

Same guy, on the gun debate in America:

I’ll take some pro-gun related humor any day.  Please sir may I have some more?

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