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Don’t overthink this fellas, just let the comedy wash over you.. chuckle and move on with your day. ūüėā

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You really never know what kind of dumb things are about to go down at public shooting facilities:

From Top Gun Range in Houston Texas, which I’m sure is daily host to a veritable cornucopia of derp.

I’m just hoping Tweedledumb at least got that flick off for the ‘gram before getting kicked out for life.¬† Otherwise it would have been all in vain.

Man that RSO was such a prince about the whole thing.  Props to that guy.



DERP divided by zero:

Waterbury, CT – parents lashed out over plans to build a gun range just a few hundred feet away from Sprague Elementary School but their protest might not have been enough to stop it.

Full Story – HERE

*eye roll* i’m sure hundreds of kids will die yearly once the range is built.

I love how the people don’t even know what they are mad at…¬†“What are guns made out of? Who Knows? What are guns made out of?” LEAD! ¬†“Metal.. metal… what’s in metal? Lead” ¬†Lead.

ROFL how are the guns themselves going to give their kids lead poisoning?  Damn people are so dumb.

The funniest part is, if you’ve ever been to most gun ranges during the day, it’s a bunch of old guys that sit around and talk more then they shoot anyway.

Thoughts?¬† Would you be angry if a shooting range was going up next to your kid’s school? ¬†Or would you be happy because then you’d have an excuse to shoot every day before you picked them up?

Hat tip: Sean D.