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The most honest reviews in the firearms industry:

Some real solid gold hottakes contained within haha.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Wow… wow….

I’m like 95% sure this is a joke.  I’m 5% doubtful, because in my blogging career I’ve seen so much stupid shit ranging from outrageous products to jaw dropping tattoos people actually permanently put on their body.  Those things were 100% real and serious and it messed me up haha.


Gat tip: Kyle


FxHummel is back with jokes:

FXhummel-M16-Shirthaha awesome, so true.

If you missed the news, FxHummel is now an employee of Tactical Response (AKA James Yeager).  On a related note, since Yeager became a grandpa he hasn’t been stirring up shit like he used to.  The gun-related internet world is at a loss because of it.