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From the recent Trump protests:

LOL OMG that sign coupled with that savage tweet.  So good.

Some of the comments people left on the post I did of this picture on Instagram are priceless, so check them out of you want to get some more milage as far as laughs go out of this picture.


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Freakonomics guy has some thoughts:

data-startrekI never like the words “collect” and “data” when referring to trying to HELP us deal with the problem of criminals not obeying laws.  This guy doesn’t seem to be anti-gun nor overly pro gun so I’m sure he isn’t thinking about it from a “Shall not be infringed” standpoint… he’s a numbers guy and he wants numbers.

This is how it would go:

How many guns do you have in your home?

What are the serial numbers?  We at the National Firearms Safety Administration just want to see if there is a correlation between serial numbers and crime.

What calibers are your guns?  How much ammo do you have for each one of them?

Where do you store your guns?

Have you ever been so mad you for a split second wanted to use your gun?

Oh don’t mind me… just collecting some innocent data.  LOL


Newsmax with the “100 Most Influential Pro Gun Rights Advocates“… and everyone fell like putty into their hands.

I’ve spoke about “lists” before, and what a classic clickbait and SEO grab they are.  This one also has the 3rd benefit of outraging people who don’t agree with some people being on the list / are outraged others didn’t make the list.  Because of that it spreads like wildfire through social media and what not… because who doesn’t love a good butthurt outrage?

Always-Sunny-Philadelphia-Gun-Fever-2Once you click through (yes I know… falling into their clickbait trap) and read the list you’ll see that it unsurprisingly amounts to what should have been called “We complied an arbitrary list of 100 people who we think have done something pro-gun related or said something pro-gun at one point in time” *smh*.  Sure some people obviously even belong on a top 5 list, but there are others who don’t even belong on a top 1000 list of this type.



Just because someone is anti-gun, doesn’t mean they always will be:

I started the video ad saw the 41.5 minute length and expected to start it… skip through… stop and roll my eyes.  That wasn’t the case, it was interesting to hear about his journey and he does go into great detail.  It definitely helps that he’s obviously not a stupid person, and can actually look at facts and use logic.

He touches on a lot of points in this video… He’s good.  Almost too good ;) I started thinking he was always pro-gun and just pretending to have switched sides haha.


Hat tip: TTAG


Great video.  This girl knows what she’s talking about:

If Sarah Merkle doesn’t look familiar to you, check out the knowledge she dropped on anti-gun Maryland politicians a while back. Almost 3.3 Million views on that video; I really hope all the views were not only from pro-gun people.

0:47 & 1:02 – Did she just toss a lose round in the ejection port and then send the bolt home?  I can’t say I’ve seen people do that on AR-15s normally.

It’s like “Oh you don’t like the constitution?  Syria doesn’t have one, move there.”

15-Year-Old-Girl-Pro-Gun-SpeechCrazy that girl is only 15.  I hope her patriotism and willing to fight for our rights only gets stronger, she will be an even greater asset to us all.



Him and Piers have a calm conversation:

My first thought was “Damn that guy has majestic hair” then I whispered “no homo” to myself.  But just like a good looking girl who becomes less attractive if you talk to her and realize she’s dumb, Rob Lowe’s hair lost its luster on me the more and more he didn’t stick up for gun rights during the interview.

At 0:56 when Rob Lowe said he didn’t have assault weapons, I wish he would have said “But I do have an AR-15, which idiots like you improperly label assault weapons as a scare tactic”

1:26 – OMG… again Piers is on the “I just don’t get the assault weapon thing”.  Maybe if he listened when authorities on the topic tried to educate him, rather then talking over top of them he would “get” it.

Piers-MorganOne of the only things Rob Lowe said that I really agreed with was “The last thing viewers want is another hollywood actor telling them anything about guns, pro or con.”

Check out the other more rowdy Piers Morgan interviews if you haven’t seen them.